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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 19, 2017

Life at Anchor

Maddy Sandler , B Watch, Oberlin College

Evening Primrose having fun in historic Russell!

Ship's Log

Current Position
35° 15’ 54” S x 174° 06’ 54”

Course & Speed

Sail Plan
Anchored in Kororareka Bay

Cloudy and a little chilly, but at least there’s no rain! 

Souls on Board

Today is our last day at anchor before we set out for a three week sail to the Kermedec Islands and back! Both students and crew are taking advantage of land while we still can, heading ashore in groups to stretch our legs, buy back-up stocks of toothpaste, and explore the quaint town of Russell. Meanwhile, Conservation and Management students are looking for local Kiwis to interview. Our class has focused on studying the use of single-use plastics in the States, particularly Falmouth, Mass. Port stops in New Zealand have given us an opportunity to talk to locals halfway around the world on their single-use plastic habits, which helps to give us a wider perspective on the issue of plastics that end up in our oceans.

As we, both students and professional crew, have come to know each other better and fall into a more settled routine on board, evenings after dinner have become our relaxed hang-out time. While one watch keeps the ship running smoothly, most of the other two watches gather in the main salon. We’ve learned various card games, exchanged stories, and the students of S-276 have been able to share our love of Bananagrams with the crew.

Being anchored in Russell has been an enjoyable experience, but I know that I’m excited and eager to get back out to sea! All my love to friends and family at home.

- Maddy

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