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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

August 02, 2019

Learning the Ropes

Nathalie Kerrigan, Julia Bhalla, and Lilly Heilshorn

Fun in the sun.

Ship's Log

Current Position

Course & Speed
145 at 5.6 knots

Sail Plan
Mains’l, Main Stas’l, Jib, Tops’l, Forestas’l

Clear skies with a slight breeze, recent cloud cover

For B Watch, today started bright and early…or maybe just early since it was 0100. A Watch was relieved of their duties and it was quiet below deck until the first breakfast at 0620. Eggs, bacon, and potatoes are a great way to start the day (special shout out to Cody and Marie)!

Tomorrow is our big pin rail competition where students will need to compete as a watch team to quickly identify the various lines on the boat. As many of us have been busy with other activities and jobs, most free time today was spent very literally, “learning the ropes.” At 1430, we mustered on the Quarterdeck. After announcements and a few shout outs, Dawn Watch got up to share some important data about their oceanographic ‘Super Station’ findings on Stellwagen Bank yesterday.

We then broke into groups and cycled through stations, focusing on effective scientific sketching and deploying the Neuston Tow. Our most complex and challenging station today was observing the turbidity of the water, and the depth distribution of visible light wavelengths through the water column. To do this, we used colored biodegradable tablets, known as light attenuation spheroids (LAS), and audible cues from our peers. In other
words, we threw M&M’s into the water and yelled “I see it! I see it! Uh… I don’t see it.” over and over, and tracked which colors disappeared first as the LAS sunk, and which colors we could see longest.

After more line practice and a very delicious (carb heavy) dinner, many of us gathered on deck to watch the sunset. Most, if not all of us, have yet to see the green flash. Luckily, we still have a week to work on that, so tune back in tomorrow to find out if we’ve seen it!!

Mom, have you seen my sunblock?! I think I left it on the counter… In other news, the ship has been amazing but I‘m so used to the J24’s that I keep steering the wrong way! Molly, Sandy, and Eric, there was a major crab rave in the lab today! Make sure to tell Misty and Star I love them! Don’t worry, I haven’t gotten sunburnt yet (we’re stocked with plenty of communal sunblock on board)! – Lilly

Hola! Hope you guys are doing absolutely fabulous! I wanted to say something funny but I’m too tired because it’s past my bedtime. I guess I’ll just say wish you were here, ehhehe. Miss you and give Josie a kiss for me!! P.S: I’m a professional pirate now. –Proffecional Pirate Julia Blabla

Henlo Mom and Dad! Being on the boat I supa fun!! We are havin a good time. (Aww yeahh) I hope you are all well and having just as much fun as me! To Jack, what is UP homeBOI?! Is life boring without me? I sure hope so. Don’t worry I did not get scurvy. I’ll see you all soon! Imma come back with a bunch of pirate stories

– Love Nat

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#1. Posted by Tuyet Kerrigan on August 05, 2019

Hi Nathalie! Glad to hear you haven’t been eaten by a shark (hehe). homeBOI misses you a lot though he just shrugs when we ask him. Very intrigued about these pirate stories and can’t wait to hear them. Sunblock and water! Love you to bits - Mom Dad and the BOI

#2. Posted by Josiah on August 05, 2019

Didi - Miss u, lub u and chicken doesn’t taste the same without u. Plz find treasures in the ocean for Dacko. Dad acting strange, from Josie Pirate

#3. Posted by Baba on August 05, 2019

Ahoy there Natleee!!! All of this sounds so awesome! I wish I could have joined this crew too and see all the exciting things you’re doing.  Be safe but most of all have a ton of fun! Maybe learn something.




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