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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

July 12, 2019

Learning about our new home

Jeff Schell, Chief Scientist

Ship's Log

Current Location
Anchored Menemsha Bight, Martha’s Vineyard

Light SW breeze that built throughout the day.  Blue skies and scattered clouds.

Ship’s Crew

What a day!  The first day is always packed full.  There is so much to learn about our new home before our sailing/scientific mission can begin.  First things first, we need a new view, so off the dock we were and a short motor-sail across Vineyard Sound to Menemsha Bight and a comfortable anchorage with wonderful views.

While at anchor for the day our new shipmates learned about the Boat Check - an hourly routine where one shipmate walks through all the spaces on the ship, above and below decks, looking, listening, and smelling for anything amiss.  Many a boat check over the decades have alerted the crew to a small problem before it became anything of concern.  The new crew also learned how to work safely in the lab and operate on the science deck deploying oceanographic equipment. 

Additional training included an tour of the engine room, proper handling of all the lines on the ship that work our sails and proper Watch Standing protocols on deck.  It was a full day capped off with a fun, community exercise called 'Hot Tamale and Cool Cucumber' that helps us all work together as a team.  Be sure to ask where along the spectrum your child placed themselves. 

Oh, and there is more!  Just before dinner some students had a watercolor class with the captain while others went aloft with the mates.  And after dinner, all hands learned about the stars. 

Of course there were meals and snack thrown in there and time to work on Expedition journals and simply relax and get to know each other.  But so much can happen when you don't have all the digital distractions of life onshore!

More to follow in the coming days so stay tuned.

- Jeff Schell, Chief Scientist

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#1. Posted by Damara on July 15, 2019

The stars must be spectacular from the sea!

#2. Posted by Monica Morell on July 19, 2019




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