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August 08, 2019

Last day: the report

Amelia Macapia & Marco Roberto, Bard High School Early College & Seaholm High School

SEA Semester

Above: C watch loving our newly 16 member! below: D watch interpreting dolphins after our win.

To wrap up our time at SEASCape, we had a “field day” (cleaning day!) extravaganza. After breakfast, we split into groups to clean the cabins and Madden Center (I got to scrape salmon and gum out of the bottoms of trash bins mmm! - Amelia) (I got to carry plates and dishes and sort them, wooo - Marco). Despite a momentarily stressful mishap of placing two of all kitchen restock items in C house, we finally figured things out and supplied B house, wrapping up chores. The group shared our last bowls of butternut squash soup, reminiscing on previous communal lunch memories. We then began the watch olympics.

Our first task, a scavenger hunt, left groups frazzled and ruthless, vying for first place. The next task was getting oreos from our foreheads to our noses. We all lost pretty badly, some groups unable to recover from the crushing tragedy of such early defeat. Nevertheless, we persisted, preparing for the great and bamboozling animal race. We each were assigned to embody a different animal as we ran relays (I was a SHARK doo doo doo - Amelia) (and I was a superior frog - Marco). We lastly embarked on the arduous odyssey of the egg challenge, journeying far and long between the rock and tree, attentively carrying our precious cargo of eggs precariously balanced on spoons. D watch (best watch yeahhhh - Amelia) and B watch tied victory (our group, more focused on enjoying the process and going with the last in everything - Marco).

To break the tie, one more activity wasthrown into the competition. The final, final, challenge was a game of charades. D watch naturally won (#rockstarlife), tying once again with the pesky B watch. For free time, most of the group went to the beach. The waves were so strong that we were getting thrown around (like tennis balls, epic gamer moment - Marco). We regrouped after a feast of barbeque and watermelon (with lots of veggie burgers too of course:)) - Amelia) (and delicious midwestern corn smile - Marco) to participate in the talent show. Jungle band kicked things off (we were a little disappointed by the lack of participation, it’s fine), with special appearances from crab watch. We ended the night with three types of popcorn (spicy, sweet, and cheddary) while watching the Pink Panther as a group.

We do not want to leave yet!

- Amelia Macapia, Bard High School Early College & Marco Roberto, Seaholm High School

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