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August 09, 2017

Last Day of Classes

Jill Powers & Ashwin Padaki, Andover High School & Lexington High School

SEA Semester

Students relax after their final presentations.

We had an early wake up today at 6:30, followed by a hearty bowl of cereal of our choice. We then had one large watch meeting before oceanography class with Maia. This morning, we had a guest speaker, Susan Humphris, who used to work at S.E.A. for thirteen years, but now works at WHOI. She talked about hydrothermal vents, and their impact on ecosystems and nearby life. She also introduced us to Alvin and other interesting sea-submersible technologies. This was essentially our last oceanography class of the program (tears may have not been shed yet but they will soon!). Following Susan’s presentation was our final Oceans and Society class with “Dan the Man”, in which we learned about the sailor sub-cultures around the world.

After having macaroni and cheese and broccoli for lunch, we ended Dan’s class with presentations of our final projects, as well as learning about sea shanties. We then composed our own, and performed them in front of the entire class. Let’s just say that we are a musically challenged group…

After free time where we had the option to hit up the beach per usual, we met again to go back to the Madden Center for the first event of the House Olympics. The activity was Jeopardy, and A House narrowly copped the first win. The games continue tomorrow, and the tension is beginning to rise on campus. We all watched Blue Planet before heading back to bed.

May the best house win the upcoming Olympics!

-Jill and Ashwin

P.S. Thank you Dan and Maia for being amazing teachers and making the program engaging and inspirational. 


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