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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

May 12, 2018

Last Day in Bermuda

Aquanette Sanders, B Watch, University of NC at Wilmington

Study Abroad at Sea

Ship's Log

Current Position
Docked in St. George’s, Bermuda

Light winds, clear and warm

Souls on Board

Today is the last full day that we spend in Bermuda and we spent a lot of it getting Mama Cramer clean and beautiful, so she can carry us to New York tomorrow. With time throughout the week to explore Bermuda, I was able to converse with many locals about their ideas on the current states of the ocean and what they think about current policies. It was quite refreshing to see how aware and concerned people were about the health of our oceans. Although, there are some people who are only concerned with the more coastal waters, awareness is still a start towards healthier oceans.

We've been docked since Monday and I am surprised that I actually miss being in the middle of the ocean. I am so excited to start deploying science gear again and looking at our data! We only have 10 more days to enjoy the beauty of the ocean, the sleepless nights due to the unpredictable wave height, the sunrise/sunset on the horizon, and the rare moon bows! During the late dawn watches and constant working, I didn't notice how lucky we actually are to be able to sail and learn so much in only a few weeks. We can actually navigate across the ocean comfortably and confidently (I still find that unbelievable). I have learned more about myself and turned many weaknesses into strengths in only 25 days on living on the boat. I can't wait to see what the next leg of our journey has in store! To see nothing but the ocean around you is truly a privilege.

- Aquanette

"See the light as it shines on the sea? It's blinding"  -Moana

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#1. Posted by Jean Battersby on May 17, 2018

So proud of your insights, Aquanette!  Jenny’s Mom

#2. Posted by Porter on May 21, 2018

Wonderfully written, Aqua. I really like the quote from Moana. Perhaps being surrounded by nothing but a healthy ocean should be a right, not just a privilege?

#3. Posted by Emily Dailey on June 02, 2018

Aw Aqua I’m so glad you’re having an amazing time! So proud of you roomie <3



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