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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

April 22, 2019

JWO and birthdays

Camille Ros, C Watch, Colby College

Ship's Log

Noon Position
28o09.5’S x 152o23.0’W

Somewhere in the South Pacific Gyre



Souls on board

We have entered Junior Watch Officer (JWO) phase, meaning that we get a chance to essentially take on the role of a mate for a watch.  It has been really exciting to see how much we now know about the boat, as well as all the stuff we still have to learn.  I was JWO yesterday.  It was stressful, but I learned a lot and had a fun watch.

Another exciting thing is that we are all starting to get results back for our oceanography research projects.  It is really cool to be able to see all the data we have been collecting in lab come together. 

Today, we celebrated two boat birthdays, mine and Raven's.  The crew brought us up on deck to sing us happy birthday and Sabrina, the stew, made a delicious carrot cake.  It was a busy day, but I can't think of a better way to celebrate a birthday than out here at sea. 

- Camille Ross, C Watch, Colby College

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#1. Posted by Debra Harms on April 26, 2019

Hi Camille, glad to hear you got carrot cake for your birthday.  We had a celebration in NSB at the Vietnamese restaurant in your honor.  They gave us a Smore lava cake for your birthday.  Annika is still trying to decide between COA and WPI. All is good here.  We head back to NJ tomorrow.  Miss you.  Mom



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