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June 20, 2018

John K. Bullard Diversity Award Recognizes Onjalé Scott and Scott Branco

SEA Semester

Bullard Award winners to date (left to right): Scott Branco, Onjalé Scott, Benjamin Gutierrez, Lionel Hall, and John Bullard.

The John K. Bullard Diversity Award, given every other year to an individual in the Woods Hole community who plays a significant role in making the community more inclusive and more welcoming of people of all backgrounds, was presented yesterday at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole to Onjalé Scott and Scott Branco.

Onjalé Scott was honored for her many contributions to the Woods Hole Partnership Education Program (PEP) and her professional and personal dedication to Woods Hole diversity and inclusion efforts over more than six years. Scott Branco served as director of finance and administration at SEA for more than a dozen years, and was a behind-the-scenes leader in the Woods Hole diversity effort since the inception of the Woods Hole Diversity Initiative and PEP. He was honored for his support in managing the finances of PEP, the Diversity Initiative and Diversity Advisory Committee, and his commitment to make SEA and the Woods Hole community more diverse and inclusive.

The award is named in honor of John Bullard, former president of the Sea Education Association, who was presented the first award in 2012 for his leadership, vision, and commitment to diversity in the Woods Hole science community and for his role in forming the Woods Hole Diversity Initiative and serving on the Woods Hole Diversity Advisory Committee. Lionel Hall of MBL received the award in 2014; Geologist Benjamin T. Gutierrez of the U.S. Geological Survey received the award in 2016.

The award presentation coincided with the 2018 Woods Hole Juneteenth celebration, sponsored by the Woods Hole Black History Month Committee and the Woods Hole Diversity Initiative. The event continued the theme of “education and achievement” with a presentation by Richard L. Taylor on “Race, Property, and the Power of Place: A Story of the African American Community on Martha’s Vineyard.”

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