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Current position of the SSV Corwith Cramer. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the layer tools, top right, to change the map style or to view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

July 19, 2019

It’s Cold and Foggy and Moist and Absolutely Terrific

Nick, Libby, Hanna, Logan, Maddie, Dylan, Jay,, Watch A

Ship's Log

Current Location
41°12.248’ N x 068°40.965’ W

Ship’s Heading & Speed
350°, 3.5 kn

Force 4 winds, 3 foot waves, foggy and humid

Ship’s Crew

Today was cold. The morning started off sunny and moderately cloudy, but all of a sudden, the fog set in. We could barely see 10 feet in front of us, and it brought a huge mass of moist air. Our hair became engulfed in droplets of dew, and we turned on the fog horn, which was very loud and scary.

Tomorrow is the “line chase,” a competition to see which Watch group knows their lines the best, but there are SOOOO many different lines. We also were taught how to do bowline knot, reef knot, and round turn and two half-hitches.

In the Neuston tow today we found some super lobsters, which are American lobsters in their 4th larval stage that look like miniature lobsters only about a centimeter long and swim with their claws in front of them. There was also a small jellyfish that C watch found that shriveled up due to the high concentration of ethyl alcohol in which it was preserved. Those on lab duty today also had a rare opportunity to deploy niskin bottles individually attached to the wire, something Chief Scientist, Jeff, hadn’t done in 15 years which would normally be done using a hydrocast, but that was not working properly so we had to go back to earlier technology. The purpose of a hydrocast is to collect water at different depths to analyze the phosphate and chlorophyll levels.

We are currently sailing on George’s Bank, and there are moderate waves. In addition to the weather being much colder, the water is too. We saw a drop from 28 degrees Celsius to 14 degrees in about 24 hours, an unusual phenomenon due to our leaving the warmer Gulf Stream waters. We still grieve the loss of our hero Tony Stark and I hope Peter and Co. are keeping the world okay. Even though the work on the boat can be grueling, we are OKAY!

The food is really good and we had pizza today, and although our sleep schedules will be a bit wonky when we get back home, we are very grateful for this new experience. We are all getting to know each other, and it’s pretty exciting to meet people from all over the country who have the same interests as us. We hate to admit it, but it feels pretty nice “disconnecting” from our phones, and instead we are reading and writing!

Hey Family! What’s up? Like said in the blog, I am actually reading books now. I’m having a great time and we’ve seen a lot of cool things. How is that little dog? The sleep schedule has been a bit of an adjustment for me, and I’ve quickly become known as that guy who never gets up and is always falling asleep. But other than that, I am doing great. I can’t wait to see everyone, and I hope the Sox aren’t totally sucking. Also I think I’m gonna run out of deodorant… Yours truly, Nick

Hello mom and Hadley!!! I miss you and love you! I hope you are taking good care of milly! Young and I are bffs now and we are hoping our siblings can be the same lol. The boat is really fun and I am learning a lot. I’ve made lots of new friends and I am learning how to sail which is rlly fun but confusing. Ive seen so many dolphins and I am taking lots of pictures. Can’t wait to see y’all soon! Xoxo Libby (Gossip Gal)

Hi Mom and Dad. It is me again. This blog was not written by me so it makes a little more sense. I have been having a really fun time. Libby says hi because if you hadn’t heard yet we are besties like you and her mom. We were thinking about spending Thanksgiving together… is that coolio? I don’t know what I am even on this personal message thing because this isn’t even my watch’s blog. Also can you send me some food at the coordinates above. Also what is your opinion on White Chicks? I also love my Keens so you should strongly recommend them to Libby’s mom. Don’t forget to send me food and love, Young.

Dear Family, I have found myself with a clan of fellow possums. Love, Jaxon Hi Mom, Dad, Leif, Elisabeth and Wren; love you and miss you. I’m having a great time and hope you are too. – love Hanna Love and miss you guys!! – Maddie

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#1. Posted by Damara on July 20, 2019

Hey Cayla.
Miss you and so happy to learn about your adventure vi the blog and follow your coordinates.
Some good news…...the little demon calmed down a bit and got adopted on Thursday by a family with another strong personality kitten. They believed that he had a playmate he would calm down and not bully their older cat.  We were psyched and Bugsey was so relieved. ...some bad news. Unfortunately I got home Friday and he’s back!  Failed adoption number 2.

#2. Posted by Madeleine Lee on July 20, 2019

Hi Isabel,
I hope you’re having fun on the ship. It must be really different
and fun at the same time to be on the ship for 2 weeks! The dolphins look cool and i wish i were there to see them. Say hi back so then I can make sure your alive (lol). Take some cool polaroid pictures.           
      wink    UwU       *(^o^)*      =-O       tongue laugh
Peace out,
Mad Dog (Maddy)

#3. Posted by Gommi on July 21, 2019

This blog is addictive- it’s wonderful to read all the collective observations and experiences across the watch groups! Nick- how did your team do in the line challenge? We miss you and love you. We are with the Muros and Von Stades this weekend- they also give you a big ahoy!  Glad to hear that you’re putting your deodorant to good use and that your team can depend on you to be awake and present when you’re on watch!

#4. Posted by Lisa Ashabranner on July 21, 2019

Hey Audrey!
Been tracking the Cramer’s position on my Tracker map at work! You all are really moving!! Hope you get a chance to see whales and maybe sharks! Trixie, Jack and Athena all doing well and Eddie is pretty much back to normal (well a new scarred fave normal!). Looking forward to next blog post. Love Mom

#5. Posted by Loli on July 21, 2019

Hi Nick sounds like a great time. We are in Maine. We saw huge schools of bunker getting hit by a minke whale. Sox got one hit by the orioles. Played golf this morn w Skiddy and brad. Can’t wait to see u. Love Dad



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