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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

August 02, 2018

Into the Deep We Go!

Lyle, Nadia, and Lily, A Watch


Waterfront view from the library!

Ship's Log

Ship’s crew

Deep Sea
Wind- healthy breeze
Hello friends and family!

Today's blog comes from A Watch's own Nadia, Lyle, and Lily. We started off our morning bright and early with "boatmeal" and the morning watch from 0700 to 1300. Our watch was quite a productive one including multiple jibes, a heave-to maneuver, and multiple skills mastered by those on deck. On the science side, we completed various scientific deployments like the neuston net, phytoplankton net, secchi disk, CTD, and a surface station. In the neuston net, we were overloaded with salps although we did locate one baby pufferfish, posthumously named Caesar, that had been suffocated by said salps, now collectively known as "Brutus".

Our day's travel took us from Oceanographer's Canyon out into the deep sea and towards the seamounts. We ended our watch with full plates of gooey mac 'n cheese made by the wonderful stewards Natalie and Ger. Later in the afternoon, a few of us got roped into helping B Watch set the fisherman staysail which included calling out the few Star Wars characters we knew as we pulled on the peak halyard to keep in rhythm. Soon after, we were called to class where we met with our groups to begin working on our projects.

After that, we decorated Styrofoam cups for an oceanographer's tradition because tomorrow, they'll be sent overboard in a container to be crushed by the deep water pressure and come back shrunk. For the rest of the day, we practiced our lines, ate another delicious meal, and prepared for the dawn watch that begins at 0100 and is fast approaching.

Good bye for now from Mother Cramer. Time for us to catch some z's.

Lyle, Nadia, and Lily of the A Watch

P.S. Shout out to my fish Leander (and my family). I miss you! -Lily

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#1. Posted by Jack & Rhoda Fernandez on August 03, 2018

Such a productive day at sea!

Enjoy your sail, stay safe and healthy!


#2. Posted by Ric on August 03, 2018

Leander is well (and Mom and I are still alive).

#3. Posted by Peter W. on August 03, 2018

Super post! Please share with us the details of the crushing experiment tomorrow ... ocean-pressure ... fun!!!

#4. Posted by Jennifer Biloski on August 04, 2018

Love seeing the blogs about the whales and dolphins. We are jealous here in Little Compton. Can’t wait to hear more when you return.  Love, Biloski/ Angell families.

#5. Posted by Suna on August 04, 2018

Thanks for all the updates! You guys seem to be busy and engaged every sec !
Can’t wait to hear what you’ve done today.
B watch, keep your eyes open today:)

#6. Posted by Vicky Manoogian on August 05, 2018

Hi Amanda!  Sounds like you’re having an incredible adventure and I can’t wait to hear about all of it.  We’re leaving for Martha’s Vineyard today and will be at the dock in Wood’s Hole on Thursday morning.  Soak it all in and be in the moment.  Missing you and love you - Mom xoxox

#7. Posted by Suna otay on August 05, 2018

Hello Corwith Cramer and crew!
Have not heard from you for the last fee days?
Can not track your ship down either.
hope to soon hear all about your new adventures!

#8. Posted by Peter W. on August 05, 2018

Great report. What happened to your styrofoam experiment? Please send more updates!



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