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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 15, 2018

Home sweet home

Jonathan Lopez de Leon, C-watch, Puerto Rico


Boat building on the Island of Carriacou.

Ship's Log

Noon Position
Somewhere near to Carriacou

Description of location
A beautiful Caribbean island

La playa

I was walking about 2 knts (not accurate measurement)

ExN F6

Sea Surface Temperature/Salinity

Souls on board

First of all I want to special thanks to everyone at SEA semester for giving me the opportunity to have such amazing experience. It's incredible how time has passed and now we are here, at anchor in the face of the wind. It feels like it was yesterday when I was in Woods Hole having no clue if I was going to be able to be here (I was recovering from a broken arm), but surprisingly my cast went away 3 days before this trip and that is the best thing that happened to me.

Today we are anchored at Carriacou. It is my second day on shore but I have to say, it feel so good to have sand in my feet again but I'm going to miss steering at the middle of the night in the Atlantic Ocean. After 1 month of gales, sun, rain, science, sails and a lots of cleaning we are here in my home, the Caribbean. Yesterday I went to "La Playa" with Nino, Cori, Lou, Gia, Christina, Bella, Seiji and Steven. Yes, a big group. It felt so good to feel the fresh air of pollen back again on my face. The people are so kind and remind me so much of home, which I miss a lot. I talked to my family by phone which made me calm that everyone is doing okay. We didn't need the internet for this long, when I got it back yesterday it felt so weird, almost like if I were better without it. So much more fun handling sail than being on Facebook.

Today we went to Windward, in which we met some traditional boat builders and we had the amazing experience of watching one of their vessels under construction. I also went on a hike from there to a bird and turtles sanctuary with Ava, Tomasz, Timo and Alex. We then went back to Hillsborough (the main town) for some food. Ava and I continued on a trail which took us to a beautiful beach in which we found Cori, Nino and Maddie. We did some snorkeling; we ate some coconut and swam in the clear waters of Anse La Roche Beach (the moon shape beach). It was a exiting Jumanji travel, we were tropical hobbits traveling around. We saw some goats, crabs, frog and more. It was such an exciting day.

Now I'm back aboard in the main salon trying to write this blog with one eye close and the other in process but I hope you liked it. It's hard to think that this is almost over. I'm going to miss the ocean, I felt so connected and I been learning so much! There is still so much more that I want to know, I'll try to keep learning. Special thanks to the staff Ben and our captain Jason to made possible to take the Cramer from Woods Hole to "home" and for teaching us while we were part of it.

Jonathan Lopez de Leon, C-watch, Puerto Rico

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