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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

March 08, 2019

Hello, Jamaica!

Natalie Bryce, A watch, University of Miami


Above: Our class and the staff of the Alligator Head Foundation during our field trip, Below: C-284 students enjoying a swim in the waterfall; the view from Nanny Falls.

Ship's Log

Current Location
18° 11.0’ N x 076° 27.2’ W

Ship’s Heading & Speed
Docked in Errol Flynn marina, Port Antonio, Jamaica

Light winds SE and calm seas, overcast

Souls on board

Hello from the beautiful city of Port Antonio, Jamaica!  This is our second day docked in Errol Flynn marina.  Yesterday, classmates spent the day exploring markets and restaurants and sampling Jamaica’s famous jerk chicken.  Today was filled with exciting activities and exploring even more new places.

After an all-hands breakfast and chores, the C-284 class set out for a field trip to the Alligator Head Foundation (AHF), an organization dedicated to research, outreach, and education for the coastal environments and East Portland Fish Sanctuary.  Here, we learned about the variety of different projects that AHF is working on to engage the local population in the protection of the marine environment.  We also had the opportunity to tour their newly-built coral lab and mangrove nursery, and to play with the adorable resident puppy, Marley.

We were able to stop for a snack on the way to our next destination and grab a bottle of refreshing Ting, a popular grapefruit soda here in Jamaica.  A beautiful taxi ride through the Blue Mountains led us to our next stop, Moore Town, the former base of the Windward Maroons Community.  Colonel Sterling, the leader of the community, was excited to tell us about the history and culture of their community and to help each of us with our own research projects.  We were also treated to a cultural performance of drums and dancing by some members of the community.

A few guides took us on a hike which opened up to a beautiful cascading waterfall, Nanny Falls.  A highlight of the day was definitely cooling off with a swim in the refreshing water and taking in the beautiful view of the mountains.

One of my favorite parts of being on the ship, whether docked or underway, is in the evening when we should probably be sleeping, but instead, we play cards, work on our whittling projects, play music together, or just sit on top of the lab and enjoy the starry sky.  The perfect end to days like today is getting to spend time with the incredible community that we’ve all become a part of here on the Corwith Cramer.

- Natalie Bryce, A watch, University of Miami

P.S. – Sarah Weiss – thank you so much for joining our voyage – we miss you already!  We’re so glad to have spent your last day with you exploring Jamaica!

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