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Current position of the SSV Corwith Cramer. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the tools, top right, to change the map style or view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

July 18, 2019

Hello from a wavy ship!

Charlotte, Indi, Young, C Watch

Ship's Log

Current Location
40° 31.302’N x 67° 36.575’W Lydonia Canyon (part of the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument)

Ship’s Heading & Speed
010°, 3.2 KN

Very cloudy, wavy and windy today, expecting rain (force four wind).

Ship’s Crew


This is now our 4th day at sea (without seeing land). C watch has completed a full rotation of watches. Today during our watch from 1300 to 1900, there were a lot of big waves and plenty of things to keep us occupied. For example, gybing, taking up and down sails, and completing science projects. Because of the Gulf Stream coming through this way, there have been aquatic animals like flying fish, sargassum, crabs, and exciting types of plankton that we’ve found.

We decorated Styrofoam cups and sent them 600 meters down. They came back a couple hours later, MINITURIZED! We were hove-to this morning for the deployment of the Hydro Cast but when it came up after being 600 meters down, the Niskin bottles hadn’t closed L.  The number of seasick sailors has increased because of the larger waves and winds but we are powering through. 

Sunrises and sunsets have been beautiful and are always highlights of the day. We are learning a lot about life on Mama Cramer. Capt. announced that we will be having a competition between watches on Saturday to see who knows their lines the best. Go C Watch!

OOOOO AAAH science report say OOOOOOO AHHH science report, WHAT WHAT!!!! Today, the student led science report was about Lucifer faxoni, a rare species of shrimp that we caught in the Meter Net. Till next time #mamacramerout #timetorest #havetogetupat1

Hey mom <3 I am alive, I know you are worried about me but I am doing great. Can’t wait to tell you about everything. Miss and love you all J say hi to Will, dad and Jules for me. See you soon. - Char

Hi family! I am having lots of fun and have not gotten seasick yet (knock on wood). I miss you all and am looking forward to seeing you soon. I love you <3. - Indi

Mom, Dad, What’s UP? I’m doing A okay excluding last night. I just got a little seasick. No, I’m not dying. Oh right, I broke the first pair of glasses on this trip. One down, one more to go. I miss you guys a lot and can’t wait to see you! Quote of the day: “Let there be light” – God.  Love, Young

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#1. Posted by Karina on July 19, 2019

Hi Char! So glad to hear from you and what a great watch you had out there in the canyons. As usual I’ve tracked your movements via Satellite and mapped it onto GoogleEarth. That was some deep water over there! 1000 meters! It’s amazing how fast it changes from 50’ in Gerorge’s Bank (where you are now on 19 July) and then to 200’ just before the drop off.

I’m so curious, is there a major change in color like at the Straight of Gibraltar (where Mediterranean meets the Atlantic)?  Hope you got lots of good pictures we can post to the album : )

Greetings to your fellow C-crew members (Alfonso, Audrey, Charlotte, Indi, Jaxon, Young — still missing two — is it Francesca, Tim, Isabel or Mary?)

We all love you lots and are following you via satellite every few hours 5-6 times per day and are looking forward wait to seeing you in Boston next week. Dad has a great college tour plotted out of something like 14 colleges!

#2. Posted by Gayle on July 19, 2019

Hi Francesca,  It’s Mrs. Wollman.  Your mom showed me whew you are and what you’re doing.  I hope you’re learning lots and having fun.

#3. Posted by Viv on July 19, 2019

Hope all you shipmates out there are weathering the wavy ship! I do hear ginger helps.  Thanks everyone for sending the detailed posts and images - sounds amazing!  Recent UN Reports in May focus on biodiversity - grim outlook.  I am just catching up here but a special shout out to Nick.  Are you sea sick?  - Mom
ps. Dropped off Mooki today, Meimei tomorrow. Miss u!

#4. Posted by Skye Wu on July 20, 2019

Hi Nick,
It’s Mei Mei:) I’m in the car heading to camp rn.  How’s sailing? I miss you! Take care of yourself. 
Mei Mei

#5. Posted by Francesca! on July 20, 2019

Hi BG!  Can’t wait to hear all about your trip and all the wonderful things, creatures, sites you got to see in the wild!  Mom

#6. Posted by Myra Rubio on July 20, 2019

Hi Isabel!

Sounds like a wonderful sailing and science adventure! I can’t wait to hear from you! Please send a quick hello on your next blog and let us know if you are sea sick! Don’t forget to take pictures to share with us on land!

Love Mom, Dad, and Madeleine

#7. Posted by Rosemary Cantrell on July 23, 2019

Hi Audrey, ( the A-Bomb),
Can’t wait to hear all about this adventure. Love you,



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