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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

February 28, 2015

Halfway Point

Eric Nord, B Watch, Umass-Amherst

Emily Tokarowski, Chris Dalldorf, Jill Adair, Jenny Jones, Helen Dufel, and Jessica Freedman enjoy the sunshine and calm waters at our anchorage for the day (photo courtesy of Claudia Geib).

Ship's Log

41° 17.561’E x 174° 10.651’S

Anchored in Port Underwood, South Island

Warm, Sunny, Calm winds

Souls on Board

Greetings friends and family from warm, sunny Port Underwood! After nearly two weeks on the high seas we made anchorage early this morning on the tip of the Southern Island. Being able to walk from one end of the ship to the other in a straight line was a nice change and gave those of us with weaker sea legs a brief respite from the rolling swells of the previous days. We plan on setting sail for Wellington tomorrow morning and we all look forward to some time on dry land.

Our voyage to Port Underwood gave us ample practice performing maneuvers onboard the ship. Since we were due to arrive ahead of schedule, Captain Elliot Rappaport gave the order to sail the ship in a rhombus pattern so that we would not have to anchor at night. During the night watches, each watch was able to practice gybing and tacking the ship and my watch had the opportunity to climb out on the bowsprit and strike the jib at the end of our watch. Deck exams begin next week so all of us students are eager to learn the maneuvers as quickly as possible.

Today also marks the halfway point for our voyage and we are all wishing that we had more time onboard this amazing ship and in this spectacular country. The time has gone by so fast and we have learned so much in our short time aboard the Robert C. Seamans. As time ticks away we are all reminded of our many project deadlines looming on the horizon. As much as students are eager to walk on dry land again, we are equally eager to reconnect to the modern world and check in with all of you thanks to the wonders of free Wi-Fi. In Wellington we have many trips planned and those of us with projects in the area look forward to travelling to New Zealand’s capital and having a chance to use that Wi-Fi to finish up any project work we still have left.

Today was also our second field day onboard the ship. Field day in anchorage is a great way to get the ship extra clean and offers one of the few opportunities for us all to listen to music at sea. I never thought I would enjoy hearing the sound of Taylor Swift’s latest break-up song so much. After field day we practiced some emergency procedures (don’t worry they were all a great success) and took another swim alongside the ship. The swim was a great chance for some us to scrub up before we have to interact with civilization again. I look forward to our time in Wellington and we are all trying to make every day count as we enjoy this amazing experience.

- Eric

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#1. Posted by Diane Flis on March 02, 2015

Happy to hear, Eric, that you all are balancing your seaman’s duties with your research projects.  I can just imagine the fascinating things you will discover.
As you struggle with technology withdrawal and wobbly legs, we here at home continue to battle cabin fever.  Extreme cold temperatures have made it difficult to enjoy the picturesque snow.  But don’t worry, I suspect there will still be some snow on the ground when you return home.

Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to hearing about your discoveries in Wellington along with all you’ll be doing during the next phase of your sail.

Love, Mom



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