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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 25, 2015

Haiku for You

Anna Simpson and Emma Wightman, A Watch, University of New Hampshire and Roger Williams University

Oceans & Climate

Portal to the sea. Photo Credit: Anna Simpson

Ship's Log

17° 07.8’ N, 32° 17.2’ W

Description of location
Transition Zone


4 knots

ExS, Force 4

1,057.8 nm

Souls on Board

Hello all! This is Anna (the Simpsonator) and Emma (Wighty) comin at ya live from the middle of the Atlantic. Today we took the time to gather haikus from people onboard, so all our dedicated fans could get a taste of life on board and how we're all doing out here. So without further ado:

Galley day is bomb
Wake up early and delight
in Morgasmic bread
-Colette Kelly

Salty thighs, blue skies.
Sun-kissed face, I love the taste.
Wind blown hair, skin bare.
-Eben Kopp

Sad, cool- these trade winds
Blow birds and Sahara dust
From land to our ship
-Katie Lyon

Ring ring, cling clang ring
Dinner for B and C watch
Ding ding, cling clang ding
-Kate Enright

Thirty souls sailing
So why not do an egg dance?
Just the gulls will know
-Janet McMahon

Aboard for twelve days.
Something must be wrong with me.
When will I go poop?
-Eben Kopp

Salt all over me
Phytoplankton on the brain
Happy sailing days
-Emma Wightman

Nights are wonderful
Wishing I was nocturnal
Guiding boats by stars
-Anna Simpson

Hundred counts for days,
Species with many far-fetched names,
It's fine, we have Amy!
-Jefferey  Morgan

I want to rock and
Roll all night and party
Every day, hey!
-Tristan Feldman

Can't tell time anymore
Strange voice outside my bunk rings
DING DANG, class in ten!
-Jenny Dong

One thousand miles done
Two thousand still left to sail!
Joyously we go.
-Janet Bering
P.S. Edgar, can you please mail me that great artisional chi-town chocolate? Love, your favorite sister.

Galley gals got skills,
Breakfast hit the sole again
Crew still eats like kings!
-Morgan Barrios

Knitting and sailing
Plus two thousand miles to go
Makes one fine sweater.
-Molly Pickel

Things I have learned here:
Do not become idle, but
Take needed pauses
-Jamie Dalgleish

The open ocean,
One can get married out here,
Cap won't marry me
-Grayson Huston

Happy Thanksgiving
To family and friends
Yes, we are grateful
-Anna Yoors

Happy Birthday Pat!
I wish I could be there and
I miss you dearly.
-Jennifer Kenyon

Shooting twilight stars
I am trying to achieve
A celestial fix
-Kata Rolf

The ocean, the sky
Each day here as our backyard
Just can't get enough.
-Kennedy Holland

Flying fish skimming
Over breaking cobalt waves
Life at its finest.
-Scott Spillias

Across the big blue,
Kenya, I'm sailing to you!
A big hug so soon!
-Eben Kopp

To my family:
I am grateful for you all!
Happy Thanksgiving!
-Jennifer Kenyon

Miss my friends and fam
Thankful for all in my life
Love and miss you all.
-Emma Wightman
Hi Ellie, hi Matty, hi mom, hi dad.

The mahi taunt us,
Around and around they swim,
Yay for frozen food
-Grayson Huston

That's all for now friends. If you are reading this, know that each and every one of us is thinking about each and every one of you who are supporting this journey of a lifetime. We are enjoying our time at sea immensely, and we look forward to each brand new day aboard Mama Cramer and beyond.

- Anna & Emma

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Leave a public comment for students and crew to read when they reach their next port and have access to the internet!

#1. Posted by barbara clark on November 26, 2015

Happy thanksgiving to all students and crew   I LOVE reading the blogs—they make my day—all is well in New Orleans Louisiana—also know as the northern most Caribbean Island—happy sails to you Barbara a/k/a Janet’s mom

#2. Posted by Amy Thornton on November 27, 2015

Dear all aboard the Corwith Cramer, and especially my Colette,
Reading your blog brings me directly into your world, I can almost taste the salt, feel the wind and the rolling seas, and see the blue all around. I also get how hard you work, each day an endless rotating routine of work and some sleep - but never a boring one. You are all such excellent writers vividly bringing your breathtaking journey to those of us on land. I wish I was out there with you!

Thank you for having such courage, for being good and kind to each other, for working hard and finding humor in your salty moments. You are tremendously inspiring. The community you are creating is rare in today’s world; may you make or find one at home when you return.

With huge hugs for all of you, even though I don’t know most,
(the biggest hug reserved for my Colette),

Amy (Mama)

#3. Posted by Jennifer Kenyon on November 28, 2015

11/28. Catching up on your efforts at sea.  Been offline for a few days as the internet was out.  We added Direct TV this week (Mom now gets 9 Vietnamese channels) but the technician cut off our internet access (different company) in the process.  All back to normal now.  Mom’s new dishwasher arrived so she’s ecstatic.  We had a nice Thanksgiving meal and Mom invited her friend (and her husband) from the beauty shop.  Mom even used the nice china and silverware. Her friend closed her shop this weekend and is moving to Shreveport so Mom is saddened at the prospect.  Meghan and I put up the Christmas tree but its not the same in your absence. We broke the base in the process so guess its a new tree next year!  Meghan went back to school yesterday so I guess we’ll see her after exams. Love Mom and Dad.

#4. Posted by Jennifer Kenyon on November 29, 2015

11/29. Looks like you’re finally heading due west now at 5 knots.  No speed demon by any stretch of the imagination.  Read your haiku to Pat.  Wish we saw some pics of you in action. 

LSU beat Texan A&M yesterday so looks like Les Miles keeps his job as coach. Alabama beat Auburn (know you could not care less grin).

Paid for the supercharger for the Camaro.  Hope to get it installed the week before Christmas.  595-600 hp ho-ho-ho.

Getting ready to head to Lexington for your cousins wedding.

Love Dad



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