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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 05, 2019

Ha Ha Moments

Lydia Wasmer, B Watch


Above: In memory of George, our resident cattle egret, may he FIP (fly in peace); Below: A horizon rainbow.

Ship's Log

Present Location
15 degrees 34.9’ N x 061 degrees 27.9’ W

Ship’s Heading, Speed and sail plan
At anchor, 0 knots, no sails are planning

Wind fluttering ExN, seas rippling calmly, general conditions - simply lovely

Souls on board

There once was a land-lubber named Lydia who decided to join SEA's new Gap Year program (Atlantic Odyssey) as a Residential Advisor and then aboard the Corwith Cramer as a Sailing Intern. After much residential advising, she decided that the sea would be a grand reprieve from the cumbersome land legs she had. So! She gathered her meager belongings, making sure she had her trusty dry socks (shout out to Jeff Wescott, aka Mother Duck from S-271) and her sense of adventure. And boy, oh boy, did she have one.

Who can be serious about something as indescribable and type II fun as this trip (type II fun: something that might not be ha ha funny at the time but later becomes very ha ha). I had many ha ha moments on the voyage from Woods Hole to Dominica. Like taking a rogue wave over the rail when I was seasick beyond words. I'm still laughing about that! I did eventually get my sea legs and Poseidon was satisfied with the gifts I bestowed upon him (I have not since made any more donations to his GoFundMe account). We have all been at sea (not a speck of dirt or green leaf to be found) for about 18 days. We crossed the equivalent distance from the USA's east coast to the west coast, 2,442 miles total. And now we are anchored in Prince Rupert's Bay. Land. Called Dominica. Gorgeous green, smelling like water (the fresh variety). 

I was also an assistant steward today! I got to hang out with Kim and Switcher in the galley and make a fool of myself with my poor vegetable chopping skills but blew them away with my tasting and stirring abilities. I helped make focaccia (if you haven't, you should, it's very satisfying to kneed and watch the yeast get all happy and blow the dough into a balloon). I had a wonderful day watching the process of entering the bay, lowering anchor, and making land plans as the sail plans get a vacation.

One serious note (gotta have at least one): I could not be prouder of the students I've had the pleasure of getting to know on shore and how they have completely blossomed into the people they are today aboard the ship. Sailors, charters, scientists, adventurers, friends.

- Lydia Wasmer, B Watch

PS: I love you! Mom, Dad, Sophie, & Pierce (and all the others, you know who you are).

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#1. Posted by Savine on November 06, 2019

Wonderful post, Lydia. Thank you! You are a kind soul.



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