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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

December 17, 2017

Greetings from the Galley

Anna Wietelmann, Assistant Steward

Caribbean Reef Expedition

Above: Resort Ruins. Below: Pudding Frenzy

Ship's Log

17° 38.7’ N x 61°51.8’ W

At Anchor near Low Bay, Barbuda

847.7 nm

Mostly clear, wind NE force 2, 27° C

Souls on Board

I have always enjoyed cooking food, especially for other people, but have never fancied myself an especially good “cook” or have had dreams of cooking professionally.

Yet, since November 18th I have spent the majority of my time in the galley, the Cramer’s kitchen, working as the assistant steward (cook). My job is to help the steward, Grady, with preparing the six meals a day we eat on board: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and midnight snack. This is my fifth semester trip with SEA Semester but my first working in the galley. I always loved helping out in the galley: it is the beating heart of the boat from which so much goodness comes. Food directly influences moral;  a well fed ship is a happy ship. Whether it is doing dishes or making chocolate chip cookies, any action in the galley has a direct positive impact on my shipmates and I have always wanted to sail one trip as an assistant steward. This trip in the galley has exceeded all my expectations but has had its fair share of  ups and downs, some of which include: throwing pita bread dough, making some of my favorite meals, rocking out to Grady’s eclectic music, some minor cuts and burns, and last but not least an epic coconut pudding spill in the freezer.

I especially enjoy working with students in the galley. When we are underway, students have the opportunity to be Student Assistant Stewards. It is a lot of fun to get to the know the students better while they share some of their favorite meals with us. Timesha taught us to make Bajan bakes (breakfast pastries) from Barbados, Gretchen treated us to chocolate brownies, and we went all out with Alex and Nic and made cinnamon rolls as well as chicken and waffles.

This evening, after another long day of snorkel surveys, students and crew had the opportunity to go ashore to a beach and watch the sunset. Walking through the ruins of what used to be a luxury resort was surreal to say the least: giant containers lay on their sides next to small cabins full of  gym equipment. Large shards of glass and crumbles of concrete were mixed in with the beautiful shells on the beach. I ended up joining Timesha in a conversation with Ivan, a local who has lived in Barbuda for 20 years, about the storm, the destruction it caused, and the slow process of recovery and rebuilding. Ivan seemed uncertain about the future of Barbuda, mentioning that while the older generation is already starting to return, a lot of the young people who left have no reason to come back.

Back on the boat, after treating everyone to a successful (unspilled) batch of coconut pudding, I feel incomprehensibly grateful to have a wonderful floating ship to call home, full of excellent crew and students who are eager to learn and take the knowledge and skills they have gained back to their homes and schools.

Fair winds,

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#1. Posted by Francene Vaughn on December 20, 2017

Good evening everyone

It’s almost over and most of you will have mixed feelings about leave this exciting voyage but as the saying goes “all good things come to and end”

Those of you going back to the snow enjoy but ‘ll be enjoying the fine weather that experienced whilst on the Cramer.
Have a safe trip back everyone and it was nice to have followed your expedition and dreamt that I was there also.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a MERRY

Timothy & Frannie Vaughn
In Sunny Barbados




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