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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

June 30, 2017

Greetings from Belfast! It’s week three in the Cramer MMP!

Laura Rea, Procurement Officer, Social Media and Public Outreach Officer

SEA Semester

Above: Roxy the stove. Below: The hydrowire being removed from the ship, a beautiful sunset and delicious lobster, courtesy of Jen's father, Peter, and Crusty the cat.

Breaking news to all those who have known and loved Roxy, the Cramer’s charismatic stove: Roxy is now in a better place. Namely, the shipyard floor. She is currently waiting to be moved to her happy retirement location. Roxy will be replaced with a new electric stove. Name suggestions are open.

Aside from the ceremonial retiring of the beloved stove, engineering has a lot of other projects on their plates. All other fixtures have been removed from the galley, and the refrigeration systems and watermakers are continuing to be refurbished. Cramer has also been getting an ultrasound lately! No, she’s not pregnant, but is getting the thickness of her hull examined. This lets the engineers know the condition of the steel. In dry stores, the steel is covered by concrete, so workers from the shipyard have joined us to begin jackhammering out all the concrete from dry stores. Once all the concrete is removed, the engineers can examine the condition of the steel beneath it.

Inventorying has quickly become the scientists’ new favorite activity. Kata has risen to the role of chief inventory-taker, and is crushing it. Elsewhere in science-world, the hydrowinch maintenance has begun. The hydrowinch has been removed from the ship, and taken apart. Scientists now spend their yard hours getting hand massages from using orbital grinders and other power power tools to clean all the parts of the winch.

Deck has been split into two teams. The first, led by the intrepid Rebecca Johnson, has been working hard to “undress” the masts. These bold deck people spend hours beating out rusty pins to remove all the stays and shrouds from the masts. The other deck team, led by the fearless Sarah Herard, has been working to tear up the soles from the doghouse and the fo’c’sle. Once the sole is removed, engineering will be able to examine the steel under it. Now that these projects have been completed, the deck squadron has begun the rust-busting process. Rejoice!

In addition to devouring lobsters at Jen’s father’s house, we are pleased to report that we have also successfully inducted the neighbor’s cat into the Cramer crew. Dubbed “Crusty” by the outgoing steward, Lauren, this incredibly cute and non-crusty cat can often be found snuggling into the pillows of any crew member who leaves their room door open. It is hoped that Crusty the cat will soon be travelling the world with the Corwith Cramer. We’re currently training her to do boat checks.

A quick who’s who at the Cramer Yard:

Jen Haddock - MMP Project Manager / Captain
Elliot Rappaport - Special Projects / Captain
Sarah Herard - Deck and Rig Projects Coordinator
Maia Theophanis - Science Projects Coordinator
Mickey Cavacas - Engineering Projects Coordinator
Ryan Loftus - Chief Mate, Rigging leader, House Parent
Rebecca Johnson - Second Mate, Bosun
Laura Rea - Procurement Officer, Social Media and Public Outreach Officer

Lauren Heinen - Outgoing Steward
Tom Hirsch - Incoming Steward
Jamie Dalgleish - Assistant Steward

Kelly Gunthorpe - Engineer
Henry Cylkowski - Engineer
Quigs - Engineer
Marty Schwarz - Engineer

Kelsey Lane - Assistant Scientist
Kata Rolf - Assistant Scientist

Sarah Whitcher - Yard worker
Ruth Thirkill - Yard worker
Danielle Freeman - Yard worker
Andrew Duzs - Rigger
Amy McDonagh - Carpenter

Crusty - Cat

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