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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 04, 2018

Getting closer to the Caribbean

Paula Angel, A Watch, Universidad de los Andes


"All we see!"

Ship's Log

Noon Position
18o11.5’N x 055o30.1’W

346 nm E of Barbuda



Surface Temperature/Salinity
28.3oC / 35.94 PSU

Souls on board

Hi everyone!

I am happy to have the opportunity to write again for the blog. We have had beautiful days as we officially are sailing in tropical waters and getting closer and closer to the Caribbean. Today my day started at 0620 having breakfast and by 0650 I has already on deck ready for the turnover after I did my deck walk and read the night orders (we also have to read it for morning watch). Each watch is divided into deck, lab, and other duties such as dishes and assistant engineer, and as we had morning watch we are also in charge of the chores, sweeping and mopping the soles, cleaning the ladders and the hand rails, the heads and the showers, making sure everything is clean. Today I was Tristan's (my mate for this phase) shadow on deck. That means I got to lead the watch, make the calls for sail handling, make sure that the hourly boat checks, the weather, and the DR positions are being done. It was a busy but exciting watch as we had to hove to on a port tack by gybing twice to prepare for science deployments.

While lab deployed a secchi disk (the old-school way of determining how deep the light penetrates the water), a carousel (a fancy piece of equipment that takes water samples from all the water column at certain programmed depths reaching 1000 m), and a neuston net that filters all the organisms greater than .3 mm from the surface of the ocean, on deck we sail handled, maintained the hourly routine and used the sextant to shoot some sun lines and LAN (local apparent noon). We had a beautiful sunny morning, but the tropics also imply sudden squalls that made me soaking wet while I was steering and everyone else was running away from the water.

My watch ended at 1300 just on time for lunch that was delicious, Sophie was Shanna´s Assistant Steward today and I love the chicken they prepared. In the afternoon, most of us worked on the bunch of homework we have to do, we have to manage our time to get some sleep, do the celestial and oceanography assignments, work on our research projects and have fun doing different other things, since we all (but B watch that was on watch) had the afternoon free because we don't have a class period on Sundays.

I would also love to share that yesterday we had field day as every Saturday, which is cleaning every single corner of the boat in a 2-hour period. The good part of this is that we get to hear music (the rest of the time we are not allowed to for safety reasons), I sang and danced a lot and had a great time teaching Emma how to dance Salsa. I have had an incredible time here sharing with the mates, the scientists, the sailing interns and of course with all my class/shipmates. I enjoy teaching them some Spanish, and as Maddie mentioned some days ago, I was happy to prepare Colombian meals (because I am Colombian) which I think is unbelievable, since I managed to use the ingredients we have on a boat in the middle of nowhere.

We all are happy and looking forward to the last phase of the program and to have our port stop in Carriacou. I can´t believe we have gotten this far.The day is almost over as we had a delicious Italian sausage for dinner and bedtime approaches. I will have dawn watch, which means waking up at 0030 to be ready and stand watch from 0100 to 0700.

Have a nice week!

Ps: Papás, Abuelos, Hermana, Pancho, los extraño demasiado y a los cachorritos también! Nati y Ele estoy feliz de poder verlas pronto! Me hacen mucha falta.

- Paula Angel, A Watch, Universidad de los Andes

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#1. Posted by Luz Helena Romero on November 06, 2018

Pau we are very pleased to know that you and the others are well! We are also very happy you haven’t had any setbacks and that you’ve liked the food so far! We met Nati the other day and she is also waiting for you desperately, just like us. We are counting every single day. I love you! Everyone says hi and Mateo is waiting for you!

#2. Posted by Brenda Parks-Arms & Jacob Rowe on November 07, 2018

WOW to all but especially Ally! We’re enjoying the blog posts and knowing that as much fun you’re all having (including the chores etc.) that you’re out in those open seas and such different areas. It’s hard to imagine the fascinating (hopefully) things that you’re seeing and learning. Enjoy these last days eve though I’m sure your mother and you too are getting excited just to hear each other’s voices. I personally am excited as you get closer to the islands. My sister has friends who lived on one (I can’t think of the name). They were there for around 30+ years until the last big hurricane wiped out far too much. I just know how much she and her hubby enjoyed the trips out from Charleston. Just happy that you’re safe and hope the notes fill in some gaps even though it will soon be time to head home. Ha! Jacob will be 14 on the 18th and even though he won’t have a party he enjoys doing something special with a friend or two usually. Then we have a family dinner/party with just the four of us. I think that he’s looking forward to the Harry POtter (?) movie that comes out on around the 17th. Oh yes he still enjoys the movies! Safe sailing and always! Brenda (BeBe) & Jacob

#3. Posted by Susan D Everett on November 07, 2018

thank you so much for this great blog. I know me and all the moms wait patiently for each and every blog post. I know I read each of them over and over. We are all so excited for all of your safe returns. Happy sailing

#4. Posted by Luz Helena Romero on November 09, 2018

Thanks for your message, I have also read them all and I follow the blog minute by minute. They are having the time of their lives!

#5. Posted by Deb and Dean on November 09, 2018

Hi there Sophie, the students and crew of C282, 2 (or 3) storms and Oscar, (he was the sloppy one in the Odd Couple) how exciting and demanding. So happy you made it to the Caribbean and your research has been rewarding and not just slimy. Can’t wait to chat.



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