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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

October 23, 2015

From Flamenco to Squares!

Josh Reed, Colby College

The Global Ocean: Europe

Two out of three squaresails set

Ship's Log

35° 26.4’ N x 007° 50.7’ W

Description of Location
North East Atlantic

Cloudy with light and variable winds

Souls on Board

Today marks the first full day back at sea. After a brief delay in Cadiz, we are en route to Medeira! Before I dive too deep into talking about today, I want to back track a few days to our night out in Cadiz last Tuesday. After a long day venturing through a city thousands of years old, we came back to the ship to ready ourselves for the evening in the city. With everyone looking great and ready, we left the Cramer around 2030 for the journey into old Cadiz to enjoy a Flamenco performance. For once the night was beautiful and not raining. After students and crew members split into two groups, we reconvened outside the restaurant where the performance was held. We sat back and relaxed for a couple minutes before the guitarist and vocalist took the stage and started playing beautiful and upbeat music.

A little while after, the dancers took the stage and began dancing one at a time to the beat of the music. To say it was amazing is an understatement. The agility and athleticism it takes to move feet that fast for such a prolonged period is amazing. My legs started hurting just from watching it. But nonetheless, words do not do this performance justice. After a night full of hooting and hollering, everyone reboarded the Cramer in high spirits.

Now back to life aboard. This leg of our journey is definitely started on the right track, no one to my knowledge is sick and the seas are calm. With the wind on our stern. we set the course and the topsail, two out of our three square sails. This was the first time setting the course, the lowest and largest square sail, this trip. Everyone stepped up into the correct positions and it went as smooth as possible. The winds today were very light and variable so after class we ended up striking the square sails and resetting the fore staysail. Basically we did a boat load of sail handling!

It was a great afternoon watch marked by a brief radio call with a passing catamaran and the sighting of a large cruise ship. Tomorrow should be another great day making our way to Madeira. But, I have watch in about 6 hours, so I am outta here.

- Josh

P.S. Hey Mom, Dad and Buddy I miss you guys, let everyone else know I miss them too!

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#1. Posted by kathleen on October 25, 2015

Greetings from Maine,

Just a quick note to THANK ALL OF YOU for these terrific blogs! I am sure this adventure is exciting but exhaustive…we appreciate the time you each take to share with us! It really matters, so thank you.
Flamingo dancers…how fun! 
Safe travels,
P.S. Josh, just want you to know that your father, in his day could dance with the best of them…we think of you every day, can’t wait to see you and give you a big hug xoxoxo Mom



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