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June 29, 2016

First Day Fun

Nicole Adamson & Evan Sievers, Palo Alto High School & Branson School

Hello Everyone!
We had an awesome day today! After everyone settled in yesterday we started our classes. Carl, our Maritime Studies teacher, talked to us about why people are drawn to the ocean, and Stephanie, who teaches Oceanography, gave us an overview of the class and introduced us to tides. Next we walked to the beach where we swam and played games for an hour or so. After the beach, we had some great chicken, broccoli and french fries for dinner. Thanks Sabrina!

In the evening we watched Captain Courageous, a sailing movie from 1937 which was very long yet informative. Looking forward to tomorrow, especially the field trip to New Bedford!

-Nicole and Evan

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#1. Posted by Satya Narala on July 01, 2016

All the best kids…Learning together with fun activities is the best way for knowledge to stick. Hope the 3 weeks will be one of the best experiences of your teen years.



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