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Current position of the SSV Corwith Cramer. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the layer tools, top right, to change the map style or to view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

April 16, 2020

Fast and Adjective *****

Kate Enright, Mate

Sailing under the raffee, tops'l, course, main stays'l, and main.

Ship's Log

Noon Position
35 degrees, 21.0’S X160 degrees 07.9’ W

Ships heading & Speed
070 true; 6 knots

10 days underway, 1431 nm

Winds NW, force 6, sizeable NW swell.

Sail Plan
By the end of the afternoon watch: jib, raffee, topsail, forestays’l, mainstays’l, shallow reefed main.

845 nm S of Rarotonga

****Note:  to happily poke fun at the absurd nature of nautical language, and also to give readers at home a fun activity, this blog post is in “Mad Libs” form. Please fill in the numbered blanks with the parts of speech included in the blanks. If you want to know what we are really up to, there is a numbered key. However, I hope you let your imaginations take you, and that  you enjoy it as much as we have been enjoying watching the Fast and Furious movies series.

Day 1.number on the Robert C. Seamans transit; 2.Best letter of the alphabet  watch has the deck this afternoon watch, sailing on a 3. adjective reach under the 4.numberstays’l, 5.noun, tops’l,  6. Statestays’l, and 7. Adjective reefed mainsail. The 8. noun has shifted on this watch, so we changed our 9.boatpart plan, as we 10. verb ending in -ed our way between some lines of phenomena Altogether we have settled into the 12.noun of life 13.preposition way, and are starting 14.infinitive verb at maintenance projects on watch. Today, Sean and Cassie worked on 15.noun busting a 16.noun, and later Kate will splice some new 17.reptiles for the 18.noun tacks. We also are continuing with 19.adjective watch duties: Every hour we 20.verb the whole boat, from the foredeck to drystores, from the 21.obscure abbreviation  to the engine Gotta monitor those 23. Noun! Sabrina has been working on reducing  25. shape, calculating our position with celestial navigation. Other excitement: we recently replaced the raffee 26.type of linens, on watch, and also we were so, so happy to have baba ghanoush for 27. noun, enjoying the last of the 28.vegetable before they went bad.  Life at sea is always 29. adjective, and things are always changing. However ,we are making 30. adjective time, and are happily on our way to 31. amazing destination. Thank you for reading! We are sending hugs and gratitude and our thoughts to everyone at home.

Kate, Mate,  Watchstander of the C watch, with lots of help from Sabrina, Steward, Watchstander of the C watch.

Happy birthday 32. Kate’s goddess friend who is so similar to Angelina Jolie!
Happy birthday Kendra! Love, Sonia

0. Furious
1. 10
2. C (yay! The best watch!)
3. broad
4. Fore (four)
5. Raffee (triangle shaped squaresail)
6. Main (Maine) 
7. Shallow (only one reef tucked in it)
8. Wind
9. Sail
10. Threaded
11. Squalls (local rain and wind)
12. Rhythm  (everything has a pattern and routine)
13. Under
14. To chip away
15. Rust (rustbusting is smashing away accumulated rust scale. Very satisfying.)
16. Tuba (colloquial term for dorade vents that let air but not water into the accommodations deck)
17. Lizards (Fairleads on a line, a great shippy name for an addition to the rigging)
18. Course (the lowest square sail.)
19. Regular
20. Check
21. Fo’c’sle (forecastle, front of the boat where people live, cool kids club)
22. Room ( a normal name)
23. Bilges! (lowest spaces), where water could accumulate.
24. Sun
25. Lines (Lines of position calculated from ‘shooting’ the sun with a sextant)
26. Sheets (lines that adjust the angle of a sail.)
27. Snack (we still eat 6 meals a day)
28. Eggplants (healthy snack! Look moms out there! We are eating so well!)
29. Well, we were going to say “exciting”, but it really is all kinds of different things! Fill in as you choose.
30.  Great, (both speed and good humor)
31. Hawaii! Amazing!
32. MAURA!!!! LOVE YOU BUD! Hope you had a great Aries season dance time.

Editor's Note: In response to the coronavirus pandemic, all SEA Semester students departed our ships on or before March 18, with modifications made to the cruise tracks to ensure swift travel home.  A small, dedicated professional crew aboard each vessel is working in a closed community to return our ships to the US waters.  The crew aboard the SSV Robert C. Seamans complied with New Zealand's 14 day self-isolation period to establish & maintain crew health prior to departing on their open ocean passage.

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#1. Posted by Nikesh on April 21, 2020

Yay, go C watch! So happy to read this post, Kate!
Fair winds,



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