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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

March 01, 2016

Exploration Day in Samana

Catie Williams, Carleton College

SEA Semester Caribbean

Michelle teaches some middle school students how to raise the forestays'l

Ship's Log

Anchored in Samana Bay, Dominican Republic

Weather / Wind
Pretty hot with on and off showers and clouds

Souls on Board

Hello friends and family! Today we had the whole day to explore Samana and work on our research projects.  We started out bright and early with our usual breakfast schedule, and then we all packed our bags and got ready to go ashore for the day. Our lovely mates and scientists scheduled periodic boat runs all day when they would shuttle groups of us ashore or back to the Cramer.  In the morning some people went to a farmer's market with our steward Tia, who bought some local food that we'll get to try soon! Many others, including myself, posted up in a cafe called Coco Loco to take advantage of the wifi to communicate with folks back home and take care of any work or arrangements that needed to be done online, because today is probably the last day we'll be able to get access to wifi until we get to Jamaica.  As much as I'd love to forget that there's a real world out there that I'll have to return to soon, I need to make sure I have classes to take when I go back to school for Spring term!

Meanwhile, back on the Cramer, Captain Chris, our chief scientist Jeff, assistant scientists Marah and Kelsey, and third mate Ryan, along with students Kathryn, Michelle, and Tess hosted a group of middle school students from Las Terranas School. They split them into three watches just as we have on board the Cramer, and then they rotated the watches through different learning experiences. My shipmates taught them about sail handling and guided them through setting and striking the forestays'l, gave an introduction to oceanography, talking about food webs, whales, and sargassum, showing samples, and working with some of our science equipment. Lastly my shipmates showed them our home with a tour of the Cramer, a big highlight of which was apparently learning how to use the toilets, which you have to pump yourself! 

In the afternoon I got to explore Samana, try to remember my high school Spanish, and taste some local food for lunch and dinner before everyone was to be back onboard the Cramer by 2100.  Most of us only knew a little Spanish to try to make our way around the city and talk to locals about our research projects.  I caught myself accidentally speaking Italian whenever I tried to speak Spanish because I studied in Rome last Spring, and so of course immediately forgot all Spanish when I started learning Italian. Thankfully, Leah speaks Spanish fluently and was more than willing to talk to people and translate for us.  She was a huge help to many of us!

Sending my love to all friends and family!


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#1. Posted by Barbara on March 04, 2016

Emma, mates and crew…Thanks for the great description of your experiences…
We are enjoying your travel and adventure ....
Enjoy it all….Cheers…Barbara ,  KATHLEEN & Kevin



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