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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 28, 2016

Experience is Knowledge and Knowledge is Power

Angelique N. Taylor, B Watch, Florida A&M University (2015 Graduate)

Raoul Island, a volcanic island, and a marine protected area

Ship's Log

29° 05.23’ S x 177° 39.23’ W

Ships Heading
089° M

3.1 kts

Sail Plan
South to Napier

Winds out of the south and calm seas.

Souls on Board

Intelligence grows when moving from the known-predictable to the unknown-unpredictable. Living and working with 33 different people is definitely a brand new experience that I expect is shaping and molding my intelligence. For the past few days I have been wondering what brought all of us together and the answer I have come up with is the ocean.

One day the sea is calm the next day you can hear the waves roaring with 6ft waves and white caps everywhere. The ocean can either be the reason people are rocked to sleep or the reason people are awaken and rolling around in their bunk. Its amazing to witness the attitude of the ocean and regardless it is beautiful. The ocean is filled with life whether we capture and document the living organisms that reside or not. 

Its one thing to read about the ocean or see it from shore but its another when living on a ship in the unstable ocean. I feel that every muscle in my body is being put to use inorder for me to keep my balance. The ocean is unpredictable and largely unknown. I wanted to experience a life different than the one I’ve known on land in order to gain a new and refined perspective.

Its really an indescribable and incredable feeling to lookout at an open sea with depths of 1000m and greater, with no land in sight with only the ship keeping you afloat. Today we finally sailed up to our most Northern point on our cruise track in the Kermadec Island. We sailed into a marine protected area and saw a volacanic island.  We got as close as we could to Raoul Island about 12nm off.

As we continue on our voyage across the south Pacific I expect my gratitude toward my shipmates, my loved ones who support me and my life to increase expentially.The ocean effects everyone on the entire Earth and I truely appreciate this opportunity granted to me.

- Angelique 

P.S. I love you mom and dad thank you for all your love and support!

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#1. Posted by Anthony Taylor on December 01, 2016

We love you too GIRLIE!
I have been following the BLOG day, night and even
mid-night. All the information everyone has written and describing the experience their having makes me feel like I’m on the ship with you guys but it’s only an imagination.



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