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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 03, 2019

Excited about our First Port Stop

Alicia Pane, B Watch, Middlebury College


Above: Liam with some lines; Below: Our beautiful sails

Ship's Log

Present Location
17° 09.6’ N x 059° 49.5’ W

Ship’s Heading, Speed and sail plan
250° True, 4 knots, Sailing under the Stormtris’l, Main Stays’l, Forestays’l, and Jib

Winds from the E with small seas, 28° C

Souls on board

As we get closer and closer to our first port stop, Dominica, I am filled with mixed emotions. I am eagerly awaiting our first glimpse of land (and to see who will win the Land Ho bet) and to find out if you can really smell land like some people have said. The idea of being on solid ground and to be able to set things down without fear of them rolling away or to be able to stand, sit, or walk with minimal effort is equally alluring. The prospect of ice cream is also at the top of everyone’s priority list. However, a port stop also brings a lot of change. For example, as of today, we are no longer in the high seas and have entered our first EEZ.

Personally, there are few things that make me happier than being able to sit out on deck and look and see nothing but waves of blue surrounding me. I know our first port stop will change this. I also love the comfort that comes with knowing everyone aboard our ship and feeling totally content with our community. I am not quite sure if I am ready for the chaos that comes with once more being connected to the outside world. Most of all, though, I know that once we reach our first port stop, it’s a signal that we are coming to the end of our voyage. I am certainly not ready for that. This trip has already been such a learning experience and a chance to grow and test myself that the prospect of leaving this all and going back home is upsetting. For now though, I am going to stick to being excited about what is to come.    

- Alicia Pane, Middlebury College 

PS:  To everyone back home: I love and miss you all. Thanks for supporting me on this amazing adventure

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#1. Posted by Patty Pané on November 04, 2019

Alicia, if you want to know how much I love you, count all the waves in the sea!!  Xo

#2. Posted by Terry Campo on November 04, 2019

I totally understand that feeling of never wanting it to end.  To be with like minded people with the same interests and desire to learn is wonderful - to be a part of something greater. The peace on the sea makes you realize how unimportant “things” are.

On the other hand we all miss you so much so we’re happy you’ll be home soon.

Love, Grandma



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