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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 08, 2014

A Journey Comes to an End

Veronica St.Onge, University of Denver


Above: final cruise track for C-255. Below, right: Incredible last night on the Cramer

Ship's Log

28° 08’ 16.80” N x 15° 25’ 16.80” W

Alongside at Gran Canaria, our final destination

As I write this final post I sit and wonder where the time went.  Explaining what the trip was like is going to be hard for all of us.  Pictures and journals will help; however, only we know exactly how we feel.  The certain aspects of our trip have allowed us to become a unique family that would not be the same without all members of C255.

To attempt to offer everyone a glimpse into our experiences I have listed what each member of C255, staff included, has said he or she will miss the most.  Enjoy!

Downtime on the elephant table
Listening to the Spanish fishermen sing to each other on the radio
The view from the porthole in the library
Playing cards with everyone while off watch
Hearing everyone sing about what they’re doing and all the random songs we sing
Living on a ship with all of my shipmates
The people
Clear skies that make for amazing stargazing conditions and company to gaze with
Deck watch
Learning new stars and clouds
Motion of the ocean
Closeness with everyone
Full sails
Talking to people about Harry Potter
The Milky Way stretching across the sky
B watch!
Climbing aloft
Shooting Stars
Bioluminescent dolphins
Being the first voice 9 people hear in the morning to start their day
Bow watch
Renée’s jokes
Field research
The stars
Taking CTD’s with the people
Feeling of the sea rocking me to sleep
Pulling into exotic ports on a beautiful ship
SJ’s ukulele
Scott’s cornet
Willy’s drums
Devin, Matt, Scott, and Tom on guitar
My 26” x 74” bunk
Carrot cake
Taking the helm
Isabel and her humor
Everything Isabel says
Gabo’s crack cookies
Riding through the mountains of Madeira with my friends
The quirky community that forms when you confine 33 odd people to a small space and limited access to showers

Yesterday we arrived safely in Las Palmas giving our praises to Neptune. While it feels good to make it to our final destination, I think I speak for everyone when I say this is one of the most bittersweet moments I’ve ever experienced.  We’ve all come to realize that the journey was not getting from one destination to the next, but what happened in between.  I caught myself as well as a few others gazing back to the open horizon before entering the port of Las Palmas.

I can’t tell you exactly when it happened but what I can say is that everything’s become all too familiar to us.  The sounds the Cramer makes, the watch schedules, calling gybes.absolutely everything.  At first, six weeks appeared to be the perfect amount of time on a boat with 33 other people.  That was until about a week ago when it seemed as though at least another 10-day sail would’ve fit nicely into the schedule.
As everyone knows, C255 concludes today at 0900.  We will all walk off this boat as the most recent crew of the SSV Corwith Cramer.  This will change in the next week when Cramer welcomes new crew; however, C255 will never change.  I feel confident in saying that no matter how many other adventures people take this is a trip that will always be remembered.

“At some points in life such massive things happen, and for that fleeting moment, all is perfect.  Those fleeting moments are those that we have to capture, share, and save for a rainy day.”  - Rudi Hanz

To all you C255-ers, I’ll miss every one of you salty dogs!

- Veronica

Also I’d just like to wish Amie a very Happy Birthday today!  Wooohooo 21!

Thanks so much to everyone who supported our incredible voyage, including you blog readers!

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