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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

March 20, 2017


Michaela Squier, C-Watch, Oberlin College

Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean

Above: Students furling the jib out on the bow sprint Below: Big Mike and Elizabeth staring in amazement at Sargassum Perla, Molly and me swimming at the base of a waterfall in Jamaica

Ship's Log

Current Position
22° 40.1’ N x 078° 08.2’ W

Sail Plan
Single Reefed Main, and the two stays’ls

Souls on Board

Hello from the other side… of the Gulf Stream

We are extremely close to Florida, just about 100 miles away. We spent last night anchored in Bahamian waters, but this morning the anchor started dragging as a cold front passed our location so we got underway and then we heaved to in order to drift for the remainder of the afternoon so we could comfortably focus on our oceanography presentations.

The weather has been wonderful for these past few days. We no longer have the tumultuous seascape, which left many of us nauseous. Everything is calm. We can walk around the boat without falling into walls and get out of our bunks without smacking our heads into the ceiling. With many projects and papers due this week this fair weather couldn’t come at a better time. It definitely is making me appreciate my last few days of living on a tiny floating home.

It’s been really nice to enter this third stage of watch, where we are JWOs (Junior Watch Officers) and JLOs (Junior Lab Officers), and are given more control of the ship. This is a stage where I am finally beginning to feel that I know what is going on and can call different maneuvers and sail handling. It’s all coming together just in time for me to leave and not use these skills again.

Despite working on this ship at all hours of the night, jumping off the bow sprint into the clear water and living under a sky which is the perfect shade of blue makes it all worth it. Swim calls are the best! Sometimes working so many hours, which are different from two thirds of the rest of the boat makes it so we hardly see our fellow students, but tonight was one of those rare occasions when two watches were awake at the same time and Cooper, Big Mike, Maddy, Justin, James and I played a game called Fishbowl. Elizabeth, Will and Finn sat around in the main salon working on their projects and editing photos.

Speaking of games, assistant scientist, Abby set up a murder-mystery game on the boat, where people have been assigned a weapon, a place and a person to target. Every afternoon at class time steward, Bex, sounds the gong aka a pot from the galley, and we find out how many murders occurred that day. The captain, Chris, and engineer, Mickey, are particularly into this game, and can be seen at all hours sneaking around the boat plotting to catch their target unawares and flinching if anyone moves too quickly. This game has been a blast and one of the nice things about having this longer period of time without port stops, where we really get to be on a sailing schedule. 

All of this has me realizing that this little community is about to break up. It’s hard to believe that we are all going to go our separate ways and it is unlikely that we will all be together again. It’s been almost six weeks of being in this bubble of 30 or so people and it will definitely be an adjustment to leave and have wifi and cell service again. But, I am dying to know what is going on news-wise in the United States.

- Michaela

P.S. So excited to see you family on the 28th. Also, it looks like boat-life broke my laptop. I’m pretty bummed about this, but hopefully the computer people can fix it. More on this once I arrive in Florida.

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#1. Posted by Heather on March 21, 2017

Can’t believe you all are almost done! As someone who has left the comfort of the Cramer and entered back into reality, I would say please give yourself some time to re-enter the real world. It’s not easy and honestly a bit overwhelming. Take some time for some self-care!

I’ve found myself doing everything in Maddy’s blog. Although regarding telling people about some of the inside jokes, Me llamo water apple is just as funny to almost everyone I’ve encountered as it was on our field trip wink I’ve already showed my family my photos, telling them a bit about each of you. Also, met a friend of my Aunt and Uncle this weekend who was out on a US Coast Guard ship who saw us before we entered the Windward Passage. Small world! They did think, what on earth was a sailboat doing out in that?!?! smile

I miss the Cramer and all of you!

Good news, your CHAMP tshirts are on their way! Reminder to Maddy, Elizabeth and Squirrel for Venmo. And please send me a little photo and an email of you in your CHAMP gear smile

Also a bit of fun news on “our whale” from my friend Leah. She matched our whale to North Atlantic Humpback Whale Catalog #02376. This animal was first seen in 1984 in Puerto Rico, was then again sighted in Newfoundland in 2008, in Bermuda in 2009 and 2011, and then in Newfoundland again in the summer of 2011. Add Silver Bank in 2017!



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