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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 04, 2019

Dreamboats and Soul Food

Sarah Whitcher, Assistant Steward


Ship's Log

Current Location
16° 17.9’ N x 061° 52.8’ W Ship’s Heading & Speed:  176°T, 3.1 kts

Settling seas as we round Guadeloupe, admiring the lights of Deshaies through misty humid air

Souls on board

Well we did it! Izac sighted our first land, the northern tip of Guadeloupe today just after 12! Ollie was closest to betting the exact time but went over by about half an hour, Wika was the winner with 8 am today - well done all around!

As Alicia mentioned in her blog yesterday, landfall brings with it many mixed emotions. From the beginning of this trip my only real dread has been its eventual ending! I am out here sailing with friends new and old, cooking with the Goddess Kim herself, getting the opportunity to jump in on deck to learn from the wonderful watchstanders and stellar students- thank you all for keeping us safe! All under the impeccable guidance and leadership of our amazing aft cabin and supported by the most epic engineering department I’ve had the pleasure of sailing with in a while.. the primary emotion I’ve been feeling out here has been gratitude. Sure there are exciting moments and bummer moments and straight up gross moments- I am grateful as heck to be experiencing all of them. And with such a fine group of equally appreciative, supportive and loving human beings!

Coming back to SEA feels like coming home to me- rhythms are familiar and make sense, and I believe in and support the mission wholeheartedly. There are no words to describe the luxury of being woken up with the time of sunrise so I can hop on deck and watch for another green flash.. or get lucky like we did this morning with a spectacular golden backdrop of sunrise on distant squalls with a double rainbow spanning our yards!  I fall asleep smiling every night, being rocked to sleep by the motion of the ocean after evenings spent joking and storytelling while stargazing or admiring bioluminescence when the skies are cloudy..

Over the last few weeks (WOW time flies!) I’ve watched as our students have gone from green (literally, seasick people look green) to capable, comfortable members of our shipboard community. I LOVE it! You all rock and are doing so well and I can’t wait to see you take charge a step further as we hit land and rock back out and into the Junior Watch Officer phase. Thank you everyone for making this as dreamy a trip as ever there was <3

- Sarah Whitcher, Assistant Steward

PS - Sending love and hugs to all, wishing I could bring you out here with me! Elizabeth and Kristiana especially- I know you’re having a blast, sorry our fun times aren’t overlapping... YET! HUGS!!

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