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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

August 08, 2019

Don’t Come Back Without Gold

Lilly Heilshorn, Victoria Molnar, Nathalie Kerrigan, and Natalia Sawicka


Found the treasure.

Ship's Log

Current Position
43°41.47’N 70°05.93’W

Course & Speed

Sail Plan

Light breeze with partly cloudy skies

Ship’s crew

Not everyone wants to be woken up at 0100 to hear that there’s a major thunderstorm outside and they are going to stand in it for the next six hours, but that was the fate of B Watch this morning. Items you might want during a thunderstorm include, but are not limited to: rain boots, rain pants, rain jacket, hat, gloves, and a midnight snack, preferably consisting of marshmallows, chocolate, and a little bit of love from our awesome stewards (Marie and Cody).

This morning was pretty laid back but eventually everyone mustered on the Quarterdeck for information about our plans for our day on Jewell Island. For those of you who do not know the history of Jewell Island and lack the motivation to Google it, we will explain it for you here. In a nutshell, Jewell Island has been famously known as a popular spot for pirates to bury their treasure. It was also a military base in WWII and it is rumored that the spirits of soldiers and pirates still haunt the island to this day. Spooky, right? So, obviously we decided to go to the island.

As soon as lunches were packed and sunscreen was applied, we were on the small boat to Jewell Island, dodging lobster pots along the way. While most of us are not professional rock skippers, we got some quality time to master the ancient art as we waited on the beach for our fellow students.

The first place that we explored on the island was a rocky beach called the Punch Bowl. We are not sure where they got the punch from, but at low tide it sure did look like a bowl. After a quick lunch and some thorough tide pooling (some of us were just looking for buried treasure), everyone gathered in our oceanside amphitheater to read The Marginal World by Rachael Carson. It’s usually not polite to interrupt someone while they are reading to a group, but there’s always an exception for wild juvenile lobsters (good job Richard, Genevieve, and Clare).

The next spot on our treasure hunt was an abandoned military lookout tower. Eager to find the riches, we climbed up seven flights of stairs and ladders. After spending a week and a half climbing up ladders on a moving boat, this was a piece of cake! The view at the top looked out over Jewell Island and the entire Casco Bay.

As our day of treasure hunting came to a close, we hiked back to Cocktail Cove just in time for a rainstorm. After getting back to the boat and drying off, we presented our Oceanography Projects. Each watch was assigned to analyze one superstation, with B Watch on Stellwagen Bank, A Watch on Georges Bank, and C Watch on Jeffery’s Ledge. The presentations helped all of us to further our understandings of not only our individual stations, but also everyone else’s. We now have a better idea of life in the marine ecosystems of the Gulf of Maine and realize that no matter how spooky the islands may seem, the fish don’t seem to care.

Although our island adventure did not result in any gold or pirate booty, it can be argued that along the way we found the only treasure that truly matters: friendship. Tune in tomorrow for more updates.

Hello Mom, Dad and Jack! As you can see I did not get stuck on Jewell Island or else I wouldn’t be able to be writing this smile) The past two weeks have gone by so fast. If it’s because I’m having fun or if it’s because the routine is so similar, I don’t know. Anyways, I can’t wait to see you! --Love. Nat

Hola again. Just wanted to pop in and say I have discovered a new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor for us! Anyways, I miss you guys and can’t wait to see you super soon! P.S.: I am getting a very nice Teva tan. – Love, Julia

Hi everyone! I hope you all aren’t missing me too much! Jewell Island was super fun today, we explored some places that I’ll have to remember for next summer! Also, happy birthday Sandy and Eric! I hope you guys have fun moving in to college next week!  Someone make sure remind Misty and Star that I love them! –Lilly smile

- Lilly Heilshorn from Maine, Victoria Molnar from Virginia, Nathalie Kerrigan from Hong Kong, Natalia Sawicka from Massachusetts, Julia Bhalla from New York

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#1. Posted by Kara Long on August 09, 2019

Bebe lobsters look just like crayfish.  What fun exploring!



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