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Current position of the SSV Corwith Cramer. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the layer tools, top right, to change the map style or to view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

October 28, 2017


Emma Tolerton, C Watch, Sailing Intern

Ocean Exploration

Happy campers cleaning galley things on the foredeck!

Ship's Log

Noon position
35° 01.5’N x 062° 37.0’W

Location description
The North Sargasso Sea, NE of Bermuda.

140°, 5.9 knots

801.5 nm

A fine day, northeast winds, cumulus clouds, blue skies

Sail Plan
Mains’l, fore and main stays’ls, the jib and the tops’l!

Souls on Board

Greetings from the Corwith Cramer crew! Hope everyone on land is having (had?) a great weekend! I’m writing to you from the freshly cleaned library of our freshly cleaned ship! Today was field day and for those of you not in the know and wondering how we could possibly host a lively array of lawn activities and sporting events on a tall ship in the middle of the ocean, field day is when we clean the ship from the heads to the soles! 

Today, instead of our regular class meeting at 1430, we mustered at 1400 on the quarterdeck for a rousing pump-up performance from our friendly A Watch sailing interns, scientist, and mate. Then we divided around the ship by watch and conquered the mung! Along with getting everything spick and span, field day is also exciting because we get to listen to music out loud! (usually a no-no aboard the ship). Kim (our wonderful steward) distributed candy as we all scrubbed hard and after ship cleaning was over many ship members lined up on the fore deck to be hosed off, further ridding the ship and its company of mung.

As previous blogs have mentioned, we are getting used to life aboard the Cramer and settling into the routine. The past day of sailing has been smoother with sunnier skies and happier looking clouds, and we are sailing swiftly east to round Bermuda in preparation for continuing our transit southward to the Caribbean. This is a nice change from the previous few days as we were bouncing through some rainy squalls and enduring large waves and a very rocky ship.

This is my first trip as a sailing intern, and on the Cramer, and the longest I will be spending out at sea without stopping, so it’s been really different from my student trip but a really awesome learning experience! So far I feel that not having port stops and just being out at sea for this extended period of time has allowed me to more fully immerse myself in the ways of sailing and ship life. I would like to give a shout out to my C Watch shipmates for making it such good trip so far. Lots of love to everyone back on land!

Fair winds,

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#1. Posted by Steve Rozen on October 30, 2017

Jack and Crew;

  Great picture with a beard. It reminds of mine went I went to sea in the engine room of a Liberty ship. I miss those sunsets and also my age at the time.I was a 21 year old kid.

  I see all you guys and gals are taking well to the sea. It is a wonderful thing to really get onto , rather than on a luxury cruise ship. You will probably end up with a heavy dose of salt in your veins. Making it impossible to live anyplace without ready access to the sea.
  You are all incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity to enjoy it. You will relive those 5 weeks for all your life. I know!

  May your all have a fair wind off your stern quarter and reasonable seas.
Also catch a nice tuna.

  Jacks Grandparents Midge and Steve



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