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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

July 13, 2018

Day Four for Sea Expedition!

Annie Stewart & Miya Khoo


Another beautiful ocean sunset

Ship's Log

Noon Position:
40 44.04’N 70 14.16’W

Ship Heading:

Ship Speed:
6.5 knots

89.94 nautical miles

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change):
SE winds Force 1, Flying the fore stay’sl and main stay’sl, imminent beautiful starry night

Ships company


Day four here on the SSV Corwith Cramer.  Today we finally left anchor, and are taking on the open ocean!  A relatively relaxing day here, filled with sunny skies and a gentle breeze from the south-east. After a fantastic breakfast of cheesy grits and a spread of fruit, we embarked on our daily watches and learned all about Neuston Booms with J-bear (our first scientist).  We collected hundreds of zooplankton from the
surface, learned about water column patterns from the hilarious Mr. Chuck, and even spotted a Basking Shark swimming near the ship!

The day has been filled with science and sailing, followed by breathtaking sunsets and starry nights.  There always seems to be something to look forward to here, whether it be steering the helm or looking for shooting stars zip past Jupiter- the excitement is endless.

To end today's blog, we will sign off with a Corwith Cramer Haiku, inspired by our adventures at sea!

Nachos and pasta

Keep forgetting all the lines

Sharks are swimming near!


Annie shout out:  Hey fam! I am having a great time and the food is fantastic! Also, I have not fallen of the boat yet (And I don't plan on it) J Love ya'll!

Miya shout out:  hi yall!  Mom, Dad, I'm not dead (yet) so don't see Antman without me! Taka - miss me?  Love you!

Good Vibes Only,

Annie Stewart and Miya Khoo - C Watch (the best watch)

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#1. Posted by Bristol Brabson on July 16, 2018

What great weather! What happened to the hurricane?wow, you had a shark swimming near you? Yikes! Enjoy reading the blogs. Can’t wait until we see you sailing into Boston harbor. Your dad will arrive from California that day as well.


Grandma and Grandpa

#2. Posted by Susan G Stewart on July 16, 2018

Hi Annie and Miya,
Thank you for checking in! I knew the night skies would not disappoint you. It is so exciting to see a picture from the ship and we loved the haiku. We also loved your family shout outs! So glad that you are having a ball! 

Annie’s mom

#3. Posted by Ms. Lemon on July 16, 2018

Annie - your mom shared this blog with me! So excited for you. Sounds like you are having a blast, and I can’t wait to hear more when you get back. Don’t fall in!:)

Ms. Lemon

#4. Posted by kris on July 16, 2018

Hey Miya- Loved the post by you and Annie! and your Haiku. Taka was laughing…We miss you tons, the house is kind of quiet without you but so happy to hear that you are having a great time! And we haven’t seen Antman and the wasp yet so don’t fall in the ocean.
your family



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