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Current position of the SSV Corwith Cramer. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the tools, top right, to change the map style or view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 03, 2017

Day as a Steward Assistant

Hanqing Wu, C-Watch, Boston University

Ocean Exploration

Sailor in the sunset.

Ship's Log

26° 11.5’N x 57° 20.5’ W

Description of location
South Sargasso Sea.

160° PSC

ESE Force 4

Souls on Board

Greetings from the SSV Corwith Cramer Steward Assistant,

Today might be an ordinary day for everyone, but I feel quite special because I am the Steward, which means I can take a break from my sailing training and any other on deck duties. There is more night sleeping time for the Steward’s Assistant because usually for dawn watch everyone needs to wake up at 12:30am while the Steward Assistant can sleep until 4am. I thought I would get a decent sleep, but things were not that perfect as I expected. I still got a wake up at 12:30 am because Rachel forgot that I would be the Steward Assistant Luckily, she actually woke me up from a nightmare.

I spent the whole day in the Galley (the kitchen), from 4am to 8pm. I feel exhausted but happy. It was a long day. It’s very pleasurable to work with Kim (the real Steward). She is always cheerful and passionate for cooking, and at the same time talented. Her foods never disappoint me. They served as my mental support during my first several days on the boat (I suffered from seasick). I could not stop putting foods in my mouth while I was worrying about throwing up if I ate too much. What a paradox.

As the Steward Assistant I had so many rights. Kim talked to me and let me choose my favorite foods for the whole day. I am a fan for fresh fruits, so we had plums this morning, oranges and apples this afternoon, and peach shortcakes as dinner snacks. I can’t be more satisfied! There was even seafood for dinner, with the shrimp cooked so well. I also tried some vegetarian burger, which is usually not allowed for the “carnivores.” She said, the Steward can eat whatever she wants. In the end of the day, Kim and I both felt the necessity to cheer/chill after such a busy day. She gave me a soda, and we drank it together like a ceremony. All of these made me feel so special!

Everything has two sides. What annoyed me was, I had to go into people’s bunks to find foods stored under their mattress. Carolyn was not happy about that. She was going to bed soon, but I had to find canned peaches under her bed as ordered by Kim. I got so much pressure from Carolyn during my food hunting and I felt bad for her. It’s such a difficult process: I plunged into people’s bunk, I lifted the mattress and heavy stuff on the mattress, I had my headlamp on, I started to sweat like a dog, I could not find my stuff in that bunk, I searched again very desperately, I found it deeply buried under all the stuff! Actually not all the food hunting process was that difficult. Tim made my day by grabbing cereals under his bunk for me. He did my least favorite part for me and made me feel so much easier.

During class, we did several presentations. Emma did the moon rainbow, Carolyn and Jessica did the dawn watch question, and Jesse showed us one way to coil a hose to avoid tangling. We had talks with the scientists about our project after that. I really hope I will have more time to take a rest. Things were going really fast, and every day was so busy for everyone.


P.S Dear Dad and Eric, I hope you can find my blog. I missed you all. I will try to stay strong, but every time you were in my dream just made I miss you. Hope you are doing good. See you soon.

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