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July 26, 2018

Currents and Gyres

Emma Baker & Xava Abraham, Canyon High School & Weston High School

SEA Semester

Chart of the North Atlantic

Today at SEA education we had four classes: physical oceanography, oceans & society, and navigation workshop. In physical oceanography we had a speaker named Ben Harden who came in and talked to us about his fields of research such as fluid dynamics- the properties of fluids when in motion. This field was very interesting because it closely deals with the ocean's currents like the Gulf Stream. Ben also displayed graphs showing the affects of heat on the ocean, represented with different colors to show what currents were brought from the Caribbean to the Gulf Stream.

A cool fact we learned today is that if there were to be a large scale glacier melt, the cold fresh water from the glacier would interrupt the warmer part of the Gulf Stream causing the cold water to flow to England's coasts and consequently, England would become colder in the winters. 

In the navigation class, we had the chance to look at real maps and figure out how they worked by using tools. It was very interesting to see how little things on the map could mean so much to sailors and people who regularly use maps. The tools that we used helped to figure out longitude and latitude on the map, finding specific destinations. This engaging activity helped us learn skills that are not that common any more.

- Emma Baker, Canyon High School
- Xava Abraham, Weston High School

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