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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

October 26, 2018

Corwith Cramer Pin Rail Chase

Alex Puza, A-watch, Colorado College

Midafternoon on the Corwith Cramer

Ship's Log

Date/time: Friday, October 26, 2018, 17:14

Noon Position: 30°30.2’ N x 060°31.1’ W

Description of location: SE of Bermuda

Heading: 200°

Speed: 8 knots (Motor Sailing)

Wind: Beaufort Force 4, coming from NxE

Sea Surface Temperature/Salinity: 25.2 C / 36.88 psu

Souls on board

The great Corwith Cramer Pin Rail chase for class C-282 commenced under a beautiful blue sky dotted with fluffy little cumulus clouds. A calm breeze from the NNE at a force of 4, and seas of 4 feet from the NxW made for the prefect condition to chase lines. A close race populated by students speed-walking and waving to the closest mate/scientist to demonstrate that they knew the line they had been told to find. With no instance of crab-walking (the punishment for running during the chase) B-watch proved to be the most efficient at demonstrating their line knowledge and won the contest. Our knowledge of both lines and particularities of managing the Corwith Cramer are part of the process of the changing to phase two.

As proven by our collective knowledge of the of the lines, we are learning a ton while quickly gaining more responsibility for the ship's and the crew's safety. With the changing of the phases, we will start to shadow the mates to learn the decision-making processes behind running the ship. This means that one of us during our watch will be responsible for delegating and calling-the-shots per the instructions of the mate on watch. With this new phase we are preparing for the final phase (phase three) where one of us assumes the position of Junior Watch Office.

In science, we have had a first full weeks of deployment. The fair weather has allowed for measurements with all the instruments. We managed to deploy the Hydrocast, Bathy-Photometer, Neuston Tow, Plankton Net, Surface Station and Dip Net. This has given those in lab processing and deploying plenty to do over the past few days! With this new wealth of data, we have started to get into the specifics of our projects.

- Alex

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#1. Posted by Charlah Robinson on October 28, 2018

Well done Alex and congratulations to B watch for a victory and everyone for learning so much!  I hope the weather holds and the science goes well.
Love you lots and miss you.

#2. Posted by Mae on October 31, 2018

Thank you for a lovely post Alex! I speak for all of us family/land folk when I say we’re happy to have heard no news of anyone falling overboard! Well done all of you!  Carol, I miss you so much, I hope you’re having an amazing time. You would be SO proud of my family’s Halloween costumes! I can’t wait to show you pictures! I love you!!! -Mae



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