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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

January 05, 2016

Colleague Voyage C-263B: First day orientation

Erik Zettler, Chief Scientist, Associate Dean for Institutional Relations

Colleague Cruise

SSV Corwith Cramer in Gallows Bay

Ship's Log

18° 00.5’ N x 64° 25.6’ W

Description of location
Alongside Gallows Bay, St. Croix



Weather / Wind
clear skies, calm

At 0900 a group of 20 colleagues from colleges, universities, and organizations around the country boarded the brigantine Corwith Cramer at Gallows Bay in Christiansted, on the island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. After stowing their gear in assigned bunks below, participants mingled and explored their 134’ long home and world for the next 5 days. All hands mustered on the quarterdeck for an outline of the voyage plan and introductions - both the professional staff and the colleague participants themselves, who on this Sailing School Vessel are all working members of the crew.

The three watch teams were assigned and rotated through various stations to begin a thorough orientation to the boat, safety protocols, and responsibilities. After a delicious lunch, SEA Maritime Studies Professor Mary Malloy organized a walk into the historic section of Christiansted, where she described some of the history of colonialism on St. Croix and elsewhere in the Caribbean. We visited Christiansvaern fort and sat on the ramparts overlooking the harbor to read Derek Walcott’s poem “The Sea is History”.

After a couple hours of free time to explore Christiansted, everybody met back at the Cramer for supper followed by additional training and orientation to the galley (kitchen), engine room, deck, and laboratory. Finally, a very tired group of colleagues were released at 2130 to catch up on sleep in preparation for getting underway and setting sail for Puerto Rico tomorrow.

- Erik


Christie Pondell, American University 
Amanda Wright, Amherst College 
Anthony Moss, Auburn University
Margaret Carroll, Framingham State University
Monica Halka, Georgia Institute of Technology 
Michael Smith, Ithaca College 
Hal Rose, Manhattan Labs 
Katie Staab, McDaniel College 
Kevin Fitzgerald, Miami University of Ohio 
Scott Johnston, Miami University of Ohio 
Wynne Kandur, New York University 
Ben Haskell, NOAA Marine Sanctuary staff 
Jill Cowie, First Parish Church 
Karl Offen, Oberlin College 
Monica Medina, Penn State University-University Park 
Greg Ruf, SUNY-Stonybrook 
Halena Duraj, University of San Diego 
Bayrex Rosa, University of Puerto Rico 
Jeff Holmes, Warren Wilson College 
Jim Besancon, Wellesley College 

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