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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

July 31, 2016

Cheers to My Newfound Family

Sergio Morales, American University

Ship's Log

Noon Position
1° 36.6’ S x 174° 49.9’ ’W

Making our way to Nikumaroro

Ship Heading

Ship Speed

Weather / Sail Plan
Blue skies with some clouds in the air. About 17 knots of wind, allowing us to have a beautiful day of sailing with no motor assistance.

Souls on Board

The blogs before this one have described, or at least tried to, the exquisite beauty of the many islands we have visited. I say “try to” because there are no words that can truly capture the essence of these magnificent places. In other words, you really have to be here to understand how magical the places really are. I want to take this time, however, to tell you about the amazing people onboard that I have come to call my family.

Not too long ago we were all strangers, studying and working in different parts of the country. We each had our own set of friends, restaurants and parks we frequented. Yet, somehow we all felt a sense of duty and responsibility towards this blue planet and all of its inhabitants leading us away from those comforts. This calling brought us onboard the Robert C. Seamans to fulfill this sense of duty.

More so on this mission, I have discovered that the only thing that kept us as strangers to one other was distance. We each have the driving force, courage and humility it takes to embark on a mission that removes us from our families and home and situates us in a place that is so far removed from the rest of the world. With nowhere and no one familiar to turn to in times of sadness or overwhelming joy, we have come to rely on each other and open up to each other.

Each one of my shipmates has a story to tell, a fear to overcome, and an absolute sense of joy and happiness within them that they share with everyone. Without them this expedition would be incredibly difficult, and I feel that each and every one of have the same thoughts going through their heads. I for one have learned so much, not only from the research, but from all of the people onboard.

Before we set off to discover this world unknown to us, I had doubts about my capabilities as a student and a prospective scientist. I feared that I would not be at the same level of intellect as my colleagues, let alone the scientists onboard. With the guidance of the scientist and mates and the support of my new friends, I have overcome my feelings of inadequacy that I was harboring.

These people are absolutely amazing and I have been given the honor to get to know them. They will do great things in this world, so I suggest you keep on eye on them.

I want to take the time to thank my support group on land. My parents gave up so much so that my brothers and I would have opportunities few people in our home country get. Thank you so much. My brother Juan Carlos and my sister Marisol, who have always inspired me to be the best I can be and accept nothing less. Finally, to the love of my life and my fiancé Chase. You have been my rock, my supporter, and my best friend since the very beginning. You pushed me to pursue my dreams that I never believed I could achieve. Now here I stand, doing what I always dreamed of doing and I have you to thank you for. You decided to endure this absence just so that I may have the opportunity few people get.  I love you so much and miss you even more. I cannot wait to be home! Kiss K & H on the head for me.

Saying goodbye to Canton. First and last time most of us will ever see this magnificent place.

- Sergio

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