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July 24, 2019

Chasing Ice night

Erin O’Donovan & George Lounsbery-Scaife, Hastings High School & Hunter College High School

SEA Semester

Above: Free time at Racing Beach; below: Students visit the sediment cores stored at WHOI’s Paleoclimatology Lab.

With our second full day at SEASCape, we are finally getting into the swing of things here. After a breakfast of potato hash and fried eggs, we had our first class of the day, Oceans and Society with Liz Fisher Sullivan. We had an overview of our syllabus and started our discussion of the whaling industry, specifically in New Bedford, MA where tomorrow we have a field trip to the New Bedford Whaling Museum (how exciting!).

In our Oceanography class with Maia Theophanis, we took a trip to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute’s geology lab where we met with three college students working on dating sediments in order to study ancient hurricanes. In our leadership class with Liz Maloney, we discussed qualities of what it means to be an effective leader and teammate. We also did a communication activity where we had to copy a model in a different room and translate that to another person in another room in order to build the same model (Erin’s team won!).

After our classes, we took a group outing to the nearby beach, where we spent a couple of hours swimming and sunbathing. After our return, we ate dinner and watched Chasing Ice, a documentary following a photographer taking time-lapse photographs of rapidly receding glaciers. Following the documentary, we finished up our assignments and the two of us wrote this entry! We cannot wait for the field trip tomorrow and for the events set for the rest of the week!

- Erin O’Donovan, Hastings High School & George Lounsbery-Scaife, Hunter College High School

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