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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

September 15, 2017

CCMMP - The Final Push

Laura Rea, Procurement Officer, Social Media and Public Outreach Officer

Cramer Yard 2017

It’s getting exciting here in Belfast, as we prepare to move Cramer out of the shed. Currently, she is scheduled to emerge from the shed on Tuesday! She will greet the sunshine with her newly painted hull, which is looking very sharp.

While Cramer no doubt gets excited to get out and about, the crew are very busy getting everything ready. Mickey spends his hours in yard running around directing projects, and his hours outside of yard doing odd jobs to keep up with the work. When I asked him what engineering was up to, he replied, “reassembling the boat,” before hurrying off to another task. Currently, engineers are working on reinstalling the refrigeration system, the heating coils, and are helping get the masts ready to get put back into the ship.

Science is super duper excited to welcome Gabo to the team!! She’s also my roommate, so that’s pretty cool. With her help and inspiration, science has been working hard to get the transducer bays reassembled - an important job, as the bays are in the hull of the ship, and they are reinstalling plexiglass panels that make the ship watertight. So far, this has proved challenging, but, with the help of a couple engineers, they are making progress. Aside from the transducer bays, science is also working on reorganizing. The carpentry team recently made lovely new shelving for the science hold and the lab, so our science team is now working on reorganizing and repacking those spaces.

The deckhands are happy to report that they have started doing their two favorite activities again: Moving things and cleaning things! Our deck team has been helping clear space in the shed so that the travelift has room to move Cramer out into the world. Our rigging team is now working hard to make the masts put clothes on. After a full summer of sunbathing out in the shipyard, they are now being “dressed”. All the standing rigging and a few blocks are being put back onto the masts to prepare them to be reinstalled into the ship. Aside from these exciting activities, the deck department has been, you guessed it, painting!

Our carpentry team continues to be amazing as they continue making the boat look livable. Aside from finishing the shelving in the science hold and lab, they have also been working on trim all around the ship. Our newest carpenter, Garrett, is even building a fun new box for garbage!

The Cramer Crew has been spoiled by the three excellent stewards this week. Our new steward, Kim, has been crafting some incredibly delicious creations with the help of outgoing steward, Vikki, and the assistant steward, Jamie. These three have yet to disappoint us. Crusty is, as usual, doing very well, and even likes to attend Cramer’s social gatherings. Last night, she even dropped in to say hello while the crew was rambunctiously socializing. We think it’s a sign that she wants to come sailing with us in October.

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