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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

August 04, 2017

CCMMP: Some Assembly Required

Laura Rea, Procurement Officer, Social Media and Public Outreach Officer

SEA Semester

We put the Hole in Wood's Hole

It’s two months into Cramer MMP, and we’ve finally reached the point where we are beginning to reassemble the ship, rather than keep taking her apart. Things are slowly but surely coming together, thanks to the hard work of the crew.

It’s back! The main engine, after a brief vacation to be refurbished, is now back in the shipyard. It’s shiny, spotless, painted white, and getting ready to go back into the ship. Engineers and welders can be seen all around the engine room and tail shaft, preparing themselves, mentally and physically, for the return of the main engine. This involves removing and maintenancing the tailshaft and painting the engine room. Elsewhere in engineering, the nimble Marty has been clambering around into tight spaces to run electrical wiring all over the ship, while Clare has been refurbishing the outboard engines.

The deck crew has been divided into three realms: Block Land, Rust-Busting Land, and Rigging Land. The third floor is home to the raging block party, where the block crew goes wild, spending hours sanding, painting, sanding, painting, sanding, and painting the blocks. Other deckhands have been wandering around the ship with needle guns and wire brushes, prepping surfaces everywhere to be painted. The shipyard has been helping the paint crew by constructing temporary painting tents around the large painting projects, which protect the rest of the yard by holding in paint vapors and body odor. Respirators are highly recommended when working in these tents. The rigging team has set up camp outside in the parking lot where they “play with string” all day. The serving has been removed from the ends of the wires and the cable underneath has been examined and photodocumented to ensure that it is up to standards. Now, the riggers spend their time bathing themselves in tar and re-serving the wires. Roxy has found a new job - using her weight to hold stands in place for the riggers, and is also serving as a wonderful shelf for all their tools.

Science has exciting news - the hydrowinch is almost completely reassembled! Only the clutch handle has to be put on, and then the winch will be ready to be put back on the ship. In their spare time, scientists have been cleaning computers and microscopes and repairing the meter nets. Back in Woods Hole, the hydrowinch wire will be spooled to prepare it to come back onto the ship. Otherwise, science is preparing itself to begin other projects, like rebuilding the flow-through system, and putting back counters and shelves in the lab.

The Cramer Crew is happy to welcome three newcomers to yard! This week, Helen, Hila, and Rocky arrived. This weekend, the crew looks forward to formally inducting them with a traditional game of salad bowl. The Cramer Crew has also been missing their favorite cat. Sightings of Crusty have been rare lately, but we are hoping to remedy that with an old can of sardines. Stay tuned for news on Crusty’s canned fish preferences.

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