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Current position of the SSV Corwith Cramer. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the layer tools, top right, to change the map style or to view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

April 17, 2016

C-266: Marine Biodiversity & Conservation

Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

Proposed cruise track for C-266, Marine Biodiversity & Conservation

The students of C-266, Marine Biodiversity & Conservation, will join the SSV Corwith Cramer in San Juan, Puerto Rico, by Monday, April 18th. They will arrive in Woods Hole, MA, around Thursday, May 20th, with a week long port stop in Bermuda.

Ship's Company

Captain: Jason Quilter
Chief Mate: Scott Spillias
2nd Mate: Rebecca Johnson
3rd Mate: Lydia Mathewson
Engineer: Nate Bears
Steward: Becky Slattery
Chief Scientist: Amy Siuda
1 Asst Scientist: Matt Hirsch
2 Asst Scientist: Laura Cooney
3 Asst Scientist: Erin Adams
Labhand: Grayson Huston

Students & Guests

Ethan Alley, Harvard University
Katelyn Barhite, SUNY ESF
Dana Bloch, Bowdoin College
Shalagh Canning, Boston College
Meghan Carr, University of New Hampshire
Andrew Corso, The College of William and Mary
Isabella Du Mond, Smith College
Alexander Duncan, Colorado College
William Freund IV, College of Charleston
Taylor Hallowell, Amherst College
Marina Hein, Northland College
Alesia Hunter, Beloit College
Walter Hutcheson, New York University
Kathleen McKeegan, Whitman College
Kazia Mermel, Carleton College
Robert Petersen-Rockney, Oberlin College
Kate Petersen, Evergreen State College
Katherine Running, American University
Pedro Silva, University of the Azores
Agathe Wallin, Bowdoin College
Eric Walton, Colby College
Natasha Willcox, University of Rhode Island

Puerto Rico to Bermuda:
Robert Barlow, intern with Archimedes Aerospace, LLC.
Dr. Robbie Smith, Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo

Bermuda to Woods Hole:
Mark Long, Associate Professor of History and Social Science
Monica Bowman, Director of Stewardship
Valerie Falconieri, Admissions Counselor

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#1. Posted by Chip Freund on April 18, 2016

Bon Voyage!

#2. Posted by Roy B. Anderson on April 19, 2016

Hi Robert- good luck with your plane. you may get another message. Have a great cruise and congrats on Olin. Papa

#3. Posted by Sue Hathaway on April 19, 2016

Hi Ethan-Good Sailing and great fun!  Anxious to hear all about it when you return.  Sue B

#4. Posted by Charlie DuMond on April 19, 2016

Bon Voyage Corwith Cramer and all aboard!

#5. Posted by Marilyn huston on April 20, 2016

Fair winds and safe voyage to all aboard the SS Corwith Cramer.
May Poseidon with the help of Captain Jason guide you all back safely to land. Have fun and learn to sleep while walking.

#6. Posted by Jan Scow on April 24, 2016

Anchors aweigh! Hope you and your mates are having fun Kazia. Better be taking lots of pictures! Love you, Paw



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