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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

September 23, 2015

C-262, The Global Ocean: Europe

The Global Ocean: Europe

Proposed cruise track for C-262, The Global Ocean: Europe.

The students of C-262, The Global Ocean: Europe, will join the SSV Corwith Cramer in Barcelona, Spain by September 29th. After port stops in Mallorca, Cadiz, and Madeira, they will arrive in the Canary Islands around November 8th.

Ship's Company

Captain: Elliot Rappaport
Chief Mate: Willy Leathers
2nd Mate: Rocky Hadler
3rd Mate: Eric Oransky
AB: Marissa Shaw
Engineer: Pete West
Steward: Nick Ferber
Asst. Steward: Sarah Whitcher
Chief Scientist: Chuck Lea
Asst. Scientist: Kelsey Lane
Asst. Scientist: Laura Cooney
Asst. Scientist: Janet Bering
Maritime Studies: Craig Marin
Other: Sarah Fuller
Sailing Intern: Molly Pickel
Sailing Intern: Kit Palvokowsky
Sailing Intern: Gabi Chavez


Luis Alvarez, Stanford University
Lara Bluhm, Bowdoin College
Anna Boyer, Barnard College
Margaux Burnham, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Anicka Chaffey, Eckerd College
Sam Cooke, Eckerd College
Anthea Fisher, Wellesley College
Caroline Hunsicker, Harvard University
Filipe Parreira, University of the Azores
Josiah Reed, Colby College
Ana Rita Rodrigues, University of the Azores
Sara Salazar-Diaz, Hampshire College
Oscar Tsao, Stonehill College
Breanna Wydra, Lawrence University

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#1. Posted by Krysia Burnham on September 28, 2015

Dear Students!
As Margaux’s parents, we are so proud of her, and of all of you, for setting off on this very big adventure. We love you, and don’t forget to write! Er, text!

#2. Posted by Júlia Parreira on September 29, 2015

Dear Students!

I´m Filipe Parreira aunt and I´m happy and so proud of him.I whish a very good journey to all of you. I hope you enjoy this voyage as you like sea life and care about it.

#3. Posted by Grannie on October 03, 2015

So proud of my AB granddaughter Marissa.
Pa, the brightest star in the night sky is puffing out his chest with pride.
We love you to the moon and back xxxxxxx.

#4. Posted by Journee on October 09, 2015

Greetings students! This is pretty awesome! All of you continue to enjoy this journey! Sara can’t wait to hear more! much much love! Safe and smooth travels all!



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