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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

February 18, 2015

C-257, Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean

Proposed cruise track for C-257, Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean.

The students of C-257, Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean, will join the SSV Corwith Cramer in San Juan, Puerto Rico by Thursday, February 19th. They will return to San Juan around Monday, March 30th.

Ship's Company
Captain: Seán Bercaw
Chief Mate: Kirsten Johnsrud
2nd Mate: Allison Taylor
3rd Mate: Cassie Sleeper
Engineer: Tanner Tillotson
Chief Scientist: Jeff Schell
Asst Scientist: Maia Theophanis
Asst Scientist: Nick Dragone
Asst Scientist: Gar Secrist
Sailing Intern: Marissa Shaw
Sailing Intern: Matt Harrison
Sailing Intern: Sarah Salem
Maritime Studies: Craig Marin

Rick Jones, Instructor of Natural History Illustration (St. Martin - Grenada) 
Peter Stone, Visiting Scholar (St. Martin - Dominica)

Samuel Beard, Boston College 
Kathleen Brickner, Mira Costa Community College 
Katherine Brill, Connecticut College
Julio Camperio Ciani. Northeastern University 
James Conley, Stonehill College 
Molly Disbrow, Ohio Wesleyan University 
Robert Foley, St. Michael's College 
Antonia Hall, University of Vermont 
Thomas Hiura, Carleton College 
Annie Reardon, Union College 
Nicole Reasonda, Quinsigamond Community College 
Harmony Richman, Barnard College 
Lillian Robinson, University of Vermont 
Emily Rubinstein, Hamilton College
Colin Terry, The George Washington Uniiversity
Sarah Tyrrell, Miami University
Samuel Wooster, University of Vermont 
Corey Wrinn, Eugene Lang, The New School 


Leave a public comment for students and crew to read when they reach their next port and have access to the internet!

#1. Posted by Marissa Shaw. on February 24, 2015

Hi Marissa,
Already enjoying the blog and looking forward to your contribution when it is your turn.just come through cyclonic weather and torrential rain and following news of the horrendous weather in EA and many other parts of the USA.It is hard to believe we all share the same planet as you bask in warm climes and sunshine.
Stay safe and my love comes across the ocean to you.
Love Grannie.



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