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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

December 23, 2018

C283 Caribbean Reef Expedition - Fond Farewells

Douglas Nemeth, Captain


Above: The crew of the SSV Corwith Cramer - Cruise C283. Below: Seriously, the crew of the SSV Corwith Cramer - Cruise C283

Ship's Log

Alongside: Gallows Bay Wharf, Christiansted, Saint Croix, USVI

E’ly trade winds, gently moving cumulus clouds, warm

Souls on board

Coming in, secure in the harbor as we are now, generates a comfortable feeling for mariners. We are no longer subjected to the whims of the ocean, the motion of the vessel and other associated voyaging challenges. But the challenges don't end when a vessel is in port and there are always new ones to replace the direct challenge to the vessel herself. There is provisioning, maintenance, even navigating a new culture. But today's greatest challenge, for me, for all of us, was witnessing the forlorn look in our faces as you separated from your shipmates to continue the journeys of your lives beyond the journey you just completed.

I have only known you for a short 10 days and it was interesting to melt into a group that was already so well established. Sort of like crashing a party I was the unknown outsider. But I quickly felt at ease and knew I was in the company of extraordinary people. Just like you, a lot of this trip was new to me too. I enjoyed the unfolding of new Islands, ports and shipmates. Most of you taught me a thing or two as well. We all grew here.

Your enthusiasm, cooperation, camaraderie and laughter will be missed. I truly wish I had gotten to know all of you more.

Fair wind and Blessings,

Captain Doug

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