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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 14, 2014

C256 Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean Begins

Craig Marin, Maritime Studies Faculty

Students (Zach, Emma, Missy, Heather, Becca, and Megan) and voyager (Ger) are welcomed aboard the Corwith Cramer by Captain Sean Bercaw.

Ship's Log

28° 08’ 16.80” N x 15° 25’ 16.80” W

Alongside the dock in Puerto de la Luz, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

The students have all safely arrived to the ship, and ship safety and orientation is underway! With the Corwith Cramer tied securely to a dock in the heart of Puerto de Luz, the opportunities for observations related to Maritime Studies themes are endless.  Facilities for the unloading and loading of container ships are busy with their work only a few hundred yards away while international, large-scale fishing boats are moored just north of us in one of the inner harbors of this extensive, highly trafficked port. In fact, in preparation for the arrival of no fewer than 8 cruise ships over the course of the weekend, we have already cleared everybody for departure through the port immigration services (with the help of the local ship’s agent) so that we can avoid the long lines that will be created by this amount of traffic. 

Many of our students have been on Gran Canaria for a few days now, and they are already excitedly sharing accounts of their explorations with the ship’s professional crew and our contributing voyagers. For instance, while we are currently in the heart of a very built-up and marine-oriented commercial nexus for both Gran Canaria and the surrounding islands, just a few short blocks away, many of us have visited the beachfront area of Playa de las Canteras.  Here, a mix of restaurants and retail establishments catering to the island’s visitors is starkly contrasted by the beach lined with small, traditional fishing vessels that it overlooks. I, for one, eagerly anticipate the discussions, both formally in class and informally over meals and in off-watch hours, of the students’ general impressions and thoughtful analyses of all of the different facets of this Atlantic island.

Looking ahead, we have a day of exploration planned with a faculty-organized tour of historic sites in Cuatro Puertas and San Francisco, both near the town of Telde, followed by a reef survey in the El Cabron Marine Reserve.  I am confident that many exciting details from this outing will be presented in a subsequent blog entry.

- Craig


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#1. Posted by Roseann Velez on November 15, 2014

Hello to Missy and All!
Greetings from the Port of Baltimore. 
So nice to hear you arrived safely and are enjoying your exciting adventure.  Great pic and love the hat Missy! 
Safe happy sailing,
Mom and Dad Velez

#2. Posted by Stacey Strong on November 17, 2014

Congrats on starting your voyage!  How exciting!!

Our math class is excited to follow you all.  We just started learning about vectors today, and hope to work with your bearings.

Fair winds,

Stacey Strong

Math Teacher
Sturgis Charter School
Hyannis, Massachusetts

#3. Posted by Marianne Rice on November 18, 2014

Hello Becca!

This is so exciting! What an experience. Glad you are safely there and seaward bound. Like Alex said,“Write it all down.” God bless!




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