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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

July 13, 2014

C254 Blog 13 July 2014

Alexander Morrow, Bard College at Simon's Rock


Roman sardine plant (circa 100 AD) at Plomarche, Douranenez France.

Ship's Log

48° 05. 743’ N x 04° 19. 351’ W
Currently docked at Douarnenez, France

Hi all, and happy Bastille Day!
Today could not have made for a better last full day in France. Starting off bright and early, we woke to a mountain of fresh croissants, pain au chocolate, and baguettes, courtesy of our most generous land contact, Brooks, before a day packed with adventures.

We began the day with a walk through a local farm on our way to see Roman ruins. The partially restored ruins are the remains of the Roman garum (fish sauce made from fermented fish and salt) distilleries, and give a wonderful tangibility to the notion that Douarnenez has been an important fishing town for thousands of years. 

Around midday, I attempted to do some first-hand academic research on the beginnings of leisure sailing in the area, but quickly found that while my French is quite adequate to ask the questions, I am rather at a loss in comprehending their answers. But c’est la vie, there is always the amazing Port-musee de Douarnenez with gorgeous boats, pamphlets, and English audio guides galore!

Time here in Douarnenez has been amazing; perfectly timed with our cruise track, French history, and world events. That is, our day concluded with a barrage of July 14th fireworks, just as Germany scored their winning goal. And tomorrow morning we set sail!

My best to everyone at home, and Arden: have a great time in China!

- Alexander

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