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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

June 13, 2014

C253 Web Blog - 13 June 2014

Danielle Marston, B watch, Unity College


Square sails from the deck. Photo taken by Polly

Ship's Log

42° 05.455’’ N x 041° 07.213’ ’W
Course Ordered
5 knots

What an interesting few days it has been. The weather got kind of rough last night so mid watch from 2300 until 0300 wasn’’t allowed on deck. Three other watch mates and myself were in the lab writing down hourlies, conducting boat checks and engine room checks while the other three members were in the dog house filling in the log book, plotting on the chart, hourly weather, helping with boat checks and trying to feel better. Gabby was doing an excellent job of keeping everyone on task as she ran back and forth from the dog house to the lab. During watch this afternoon from 1300 until 1900, the deck was opened back up and we were allowed to go back to steering at the helm. I was in lab and because the weather has impeded our net tows and hydrocasts, I managed to do some project work. To summarize I identified (down to species level) 20 small mesopelagic fish known as myctophids or lantern-fish for my project.

Today we did not have class, and deemed it to be Sunday, tomorrow is now Friday and Sunday is now Saturday. Confusing, I know. We all needed the rest and since we celebrated a birthday today, it was a nice break from the routine. Liz, the birthday girl was given brownie cupcakes and a scavenger hunt. On another note, we found out these past few days our gimbaled tables in the Saloon aren’t quite as fool proof for not spilling food as we would have liked to think. (Though I think, the students are the only ones who were surprised by this.) Half of this morning breakfast and half of last night’s dinner were lost to the sole (floor). Imagine waking up to the sound of breakfast hitting the floor, a few screams and just knowing that there is food spilled everywhere. None the less, I didn’’t wake for breakfast. Luckily, the seas have begun to calm down and we aren’t rocking quite as much as we were so sleeping won’t be as much of a problem tonight.

As everything begins to calm down I’‘m just happy I will be leaving here with some good stories and friends. Everyone here is doing fine and we are making good progress towards our destination.

- Danielle

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