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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

June 07, 2014

C253 Web Blog - 07 June 2014

Will Wild


Catching air in the tops’l and stays’ls.

Ship's Log

42° 08.1’’N x 058° 00.0’W
Course Ordered
5 kts
17°C Overcast

The last 24 hours have been rocky. The tables in the saloon tilt against the rocking of the boat so that our food stays on them. Without this we would have been wearing our dinner. The wind and waves have been strong and high with a peak of about 35 knots and seas 6 to 8 feet high. We spent the whole day under sail power which is nice because the noise from the engine is no longer depriving people of sleep. For the first time on this trip we have seen water over the beams when big waves come by and rock the ship. This is ok when on deck because you can see them coming and brace but below deck you can only feel them and have less time to brace. Most of us are relieved of our sea sickness which means that Neptune was pleased with our donations and the bigger waves don’’t affect us as much.

Science has been coming up with some really cool biological stuff. They have been casting the neuston net every 12 hours and have found some alien looking creatures. The biodiversity in the ocean is amazing. There were also crabs and some Sargasso seaweed in our neuston this afternoon which showed up because of the warm core eddy that broke off of the Gulf stream and carried tropical water north.

The Leadership group is starting to learn through experience and taking command of class. Every week day we get together on the quarter deck for class at 1400 and learn about navigation or weather. Soon we will be taking over sail commands and leading our watch in maneuvering the ship and setting/striking sails. Today when the wind died down at 0300 we struck the storm tris’l down and set the main with a shallow reef in it. Then when the wind picked back up at 1400 we struck the main down and replaced it with the storm tris’l again. With all the sail switching our line handling skills will be pro by the time we get to Ireland. We’’ve been wind-jamming!

Shoutout to Elace’‘s mom: hearts and unicorns!

- Will

p.s. we are switching our clocks as we go. We are currently under +3 time.

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