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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

June 05, 2014

C253 Web Blog - 05 June 2014


B Watch practices climbing aloft on the foremast during the afternoon.

Ship's Log

42° 05’’ N x 62° 47’’ W
Course Ordered
19° C with rain

Dear Shore & Co.,
The fog lifted today! By afternoon, we had a clear view of the horizon although the sky is still quite overcast. That being said, the fog made for a 0-visibility night with the exception of astounding bioluminescence! Swells breaking against our bow made huge glowing waves, and our midnight net deployments were literally sparkling green in the pitch black water.

After the fog lifted, we were all much dryer and warmer for the rest of the day, but that’’ll only be a brief dry spell. There’‘s a low pressure system headed our way from the west, and we should begin to see its effects late this evening. It will likely be wind, rain, and some bigger seas. We just struck the main sail and will replace it with the storm trysail, a smaller version of the main sail without the heavy boom. We also laid out jacklines, which run the length of the ship and we’ll clip into when the going gets rough.

There’’s plenty of science occurring onboard, but the other course, Leadership in Dynamic Environments (LDE), is just as apparent. The few of us in the course are avidly watching ourselves and the rest of the crew as we begin to learn the ins and outs of the Cramer. We’’re all getting the hang of the lines, sails, and commands, and the importance of the hourly boat checks is incredibly apparent. Everyone seems to be stepping up to their assigned roles on deck, in the lab, and in the galley with enthusiasm. As we go, we are all taking on some level of leadership, whether it’s evoking a positive attitude, volunteering to help in the galley, or calling the commands for sail handling.

To Mom, Dad, Martha, and Catherine: I love you all! Thanks so much for the letters you sent with me. I’‘ve loved reading them.

Good night, good luck, and do good things!

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