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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

April 23, 2014

C252 Web Blog - 23 April 2014

Tony Hoffman | Robert Barlow, UAS Design Engineer, UARV Pilot | High School - Intern (Archimedes Aerospace LLC)


Captain - I am the resident UARV pilot, Can I fly now?

Ship's Log

29° 51’ N X 065° 32’ W
Mostly clear sky 22° C

“Others” rise and shine to your 06:00 wakeup call. The Cramer moved through the night on diesel not wind, this did not keep us from catching a few greatly needed Z’s.  As soon as breakfast was set, Captain gave the order for an early morning Unmanned Aerial Research Vehicle activity. The winds were calm and the sea was quiet. So preparations were underway for a second flight.  A host of preflight checklist items being tended to by Robert, Archimedes Aerospace’s Intern and ‘C’ Watch member.

After some extracurricular activity by our snorkeling/camera team, we set out for another Sargassum search with the SEA Skimmer. Thanks to all hands getting the ship tucked into “Hove To” and ready for launch. As the onboard NAV system “Ruby” by Uthere, guided the flying wing, we had many intern pilots finding out if flying is there thing.  Thank you to Jason, Amy and Robbie for jumping on the controls, to prove our point. Scientist and researchers need a vehicle or “tool” to gather data, with little effort, aiding them, so they can concentrate more time on the data. Hoping for version two and three to be more user friendly with FPV (first person view), and photo metadata built-in, telemetry from course navigation and altitude readouts. And somehow be able to get back the boat in rough seas!

It has been an incredible and valuable experience being here on the Cramer with all of the experienced crew and great young college minds. As our company mission statement is “Leveraging Images from Near Earth”, holds true to be the one item we can bring the future of science, science class rooms and researchers alike, real-time images when they need it the most “now”.

Tony Hoffman
UAS Design Engineer, UARV Pilot
Archimedes Aerospace LLC

PS: To my wife Cindy and daughters Jordan and Hallie, thanks for holding the fort down while I have been away.

Growing up in Vermont, the world is a small place. You have a home, a small school, the store, and everything else you need for day to day life all in a 60 mile radius- there is usually no need to leave. In school, you learn about faraway places like Puerto Rico and Bermuda, but they are nothing more than a few pictures, a place on a spinning ball, and the idea that they exist. Traveling is an amazing experience. Not only do you get to see truly amazing species, events and phenomena unique to the place you go, your image of the world broadens, and solidifies. It broadens your horizons, quite literally. I can now personally attest to this.

When I first became an intern at Archimedes Aerospace, my intent was not to go out in the Sargasso Sea and help test a proof of concept UARV. I just wanted to work towards getting a job doing something that I enjoyed doing- flying model aircraft. I never would have thought that through the internship, I would end up being aboard the SEA Semester’‘s Corwith Cramer, hauling lines with the world’s next generation of top notch scientists.

Today, I was able to help advance the mission of Archimedes Aerospace through the successful testing of the S.E.A. Skimmer, a UARV specifically designed and built for SEA, aboard the Corwith Cramer as described by Tony. This is a big milestone for me, and the culmination of a huge amount of work by various people, whom I would like to thank very much. I would also like to specifically thank my parents for supporting me in what I do, and going through the horrors of sending their 15 year old son on an international flight to sail in the ocean for two weeks. Finally, I would like to say hello to Lindsey and Nathan Grutchfield and Adam Blachly, solely for the purpose of pointing it out to them when I get back.

High School - Intern
Archimedes Aerospace LLC

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