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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

April 22, 2014

C252 Web Blog - 22 April 2014

Zachary Bourgault, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth


C’ watch completes the competition with a conga line round.

Ship's Log

28° 08.6’’ N X 065° 37.1’’ W
Scattered clouds, still sunny and warm. Wind Beaufort force of 3 from WNW. Pitiful 3 foot swells, comfortable 22° C

‘A’ watch awoke for the morning shift from a very sleepless night. The large swells had us rocking in our bunks to the sound of quickly shifting galley appliances throughout the night. Mustering the will to concentrate, we went about our duties on deck and in lab. Stood down at 1300, we quickly ate a delicious lunch before preparing for today’‘s special 1430 class.

The 14 students (plus one guest from a high school in Vermont) split into their three watches to compete in a line chase this afternoon. The objective is to find the pin holding a specific line and alert a nearby deckhand. If correct, you return to your watch, relaying the next person on your team to do the same. Though the goal was strictly education, to teach us the many lines aboard the Cramer, the competitive attitude of the students made for an intense event. Competitors were penalized several times for running across the deck. The unique penalty was to “crabwalk” forward and back across the deck while your team waited, which made all the difference in the end. ‘C’ watch took the prize in the end, SEA luggage tags for each of them.

With the excitement over, we return to our research projects as Bermuda draws closer. Heavy weather is likely to meet us within the coming days as well, so we’ll likely be earning our sea legs before reaching the island.

Obligatory shout out to any of my family and friends that happen upon this blog. Miss you all.

- Zachary

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